Dude ADude A and BSo there I was having a cup of tea when one of the workmen helping us with the house put his head round the door to say that the Gendarmes were at the gate.  Oops, had they found out that I hadn’t been to exercise class this week ?  Nope, they had in the van the two most ADORABLE pups found in a field and wondered if I had lost them.  No I certainly hadn’t but was very happy to look after them until the owner was found.  An hour later the owner was found and although he was delighted to get them back, he does need to home them.  They are three months old, Mum is a Labrador and Dad a Labrador mixed with something else.  They are in fine fettle and were very cuddly and friendly.  There is only one thing they won’t be and that is small !  Their paws are very chunky so we are looking at probably Lab size.  Oh, they are two lads.