Barney LostThis rascal boots is our adored Barney !  Barney was lucky enough to go to a new home but it didn’t work out because of his extreme nervousness and the couple were worried about losing him on one of their travels back to the UK.  So, Barney came back to Danielle and on his first day, escaped !!!  He was delighted to see Danielle whom he had stayed with for two months last year but when her back was turned he jumped on to the roof of his kennel and from there took a kangaroo leap to liberty.  To say we were mad with worry, would be an understatement, here was a very timid dog out in the big wide world totally unable, as we thought, of looking out for himself.  I won’t take you through the three weeks of agony we went through, suffice to say he turned up after the three weeks at a farm where the owners were elderly and stuck to them like glue.  Their daughter came to visit, looked on the website Chien Perdu/ Trouvé and found our détails.

He seems happy to be back and seems to have gained some confidence during his time of freedom.

So, now we need a home with a fenced in garden and  preferably a retired English couple who are always present.  Another dog would be a bonus but he is fine on his own.  From his weekend at the farm we know he is absolutely safe with ducks, chickens and cats !  Barney is two years old, chipped, vaccinated and neutered.