There is only one way I could start this month’s news.  Gaynor did it !!!!   SHE  BALLYWELL  DID  IT !!!!!  She cycled 171 kms in a day in the most horrendous conditions (as you can see behind her) up the steepest of steep mountains and coming down at frightening speeds through cloud where she couldn’t see the side of the road.  Read her full account on and you will get just a small idea of what she has done for Poorpaws and La Mere aux Betes, our sister refuge.  I watched the professionals do the same stage on the television the other day (in perfect conditions)  and was horrified to think that Gaynor had put hereself through that for us.  “Thank you” does not even touch the surface of what I want to say to Gaynor.  So, if you haven’t donated yet, go to and get clicking, it couldn’t be easier.  Any donation however small helps and I promise you on the life of St. Cadbury (although I’m going off him since he sold out to Kraft !), that EVERY  SINGLE  CENT will go to making dogs’ lives happier.  Any expenses incurred in entering the stage have been met by Gaynor and Phil – who also did the stage with a damaged shoulder, mustn’t forget him ! –  their shirts were donated by the manufacturer and the printing of leaflets was also donated.  So, all your money goes to the dogs. I will let you know what it is spent on but at the moment we think it very likely that it will be spent on new solid insulated kennels and improving the parks.  THANK  YOU to everyone who has been connected with this event.

Another successful event this month was our Hog Roast which raised just over 1,700 euros !!  Due to uncertain weather we plumped for eating inside the Salle de Fetes leaving the doors open so people could drift in and out as they wished.  No room to serve the food nside but the weather turned out to be kind and we could serve outside easily.  Thank you to the band Free Drinks who were stupendous.  Great, great music of all sorts with a good mix of new and oldies.  Go see them whenever you can – they will be at the Marché Gourmande at Château Aix at Saux on the first Wednesday of September.

For my friend Shelagh here is this month’s rant !  People !!!!   Just lately, I don’t know why, we have had a few instances where people choose a dog they want to adopt , get all excited, arrangements are made, paperwork is drawn up, then we get the email “Oh, I can’t take the dog after all.  My wife/husband/grandmother/brother-in-law’s second cousin first removed, doesn’t want it !!!  For goodness sake, talk to eachother !  How could anyone even think of taking such a decision without discussing it fully with everyone involved in the well being of the dog ?!  We are talking about a living being here, not a cuddly toy !

As for the guy who is intent on abandoning two elderly dogs who he has had since they were young because he is going back to the UK with a new lady who is  ‘allergic’ so it is “impossible” to keep the dogs, well don’t even get me started.

Ok rant over !  On to Poorpaws dogs.  The long eared Brunos have had a lot of success, in fact as I write there is just one female left, the Cairn Terrier puppy has gone to a super home as have a couple of other little pups who never made it to the website.  Take a peek at Jezebel, what a charmer if ever I saw one !  Our Tega, unbelievably has fallen on her feet again !  She has been adopted by a lovely couple with a huge garden and a lake next door where Tega has her morning constitutional.  You mess this one up Tega and I’ll be after you !!

It’s Fete and Manifestation time again, so I’ll give out the usual reminder.  Please don’t drag your poor dogs round markets and fetes, it is totally miserable for them, leave them at home in the cool and NEVER, however cool it seems, shut your dog in the car with the windows up.  I cannot believe in this day and age I actually saw one such poor dog outside Carrefour.  I reported it and left a rude message on the windscreen.  Luckily it wasn’t a scorching day but a car heats up very quickly.

Have a wonderful August and keep a  peek at the News, I often forget things and add them later !!




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