Tega SwimmingCome on in, the water’s  lovely !!  Yes, it’s me, Tega again.  Well I must be just about the luckiest Poorpaws ever for I am now at my third lovely home !!  After a previous owner passed away I went back to Poorpaws and was then adopted by a really kind couple to be company for their dog Geordie.  All went well, then I’m ashamed to say ( well actually I’m not very ashamed but Sue told me to put that as it looks better) I got very jealous of Geordie and was unkind to him.  So, back to Poorpaws which is where I thought I would be for ever.  But no, Julie got in touch to say that her Dad was looking for a largish dog, not too young and he would like to meet me.  What can I say but WOW, lovely man, huge garden and a lake next door where I take my morning dip.  This is for KEEPS.  You won’t see me on the Adoption page again !