Little Bobby AprilGirls' Night April 2014 006Adopted !Little Bobby is about five months  old and one of the most ‘different’ designs we have ever had !  Dad was a Pinscher and Mum is the daughter of a little dog adopted from Carcassonne who turned out to be in the family way a few years ago (what part of  “part of the adoption agreement is that you get your dog sterilised”  don’t people understand ?!) He has a brindle body, tan, white legs and chest then one blue eye and one brown one !!  He is a great little chap, about whippet size at the moment and I think will be on  the smaller size of medium.  He doesn’t like being on his own so at the moment he is sharing a park with an older female and is quite happy.  So I think a home with a playmate would be best, or with people who are around all day and prepared to take him with them when going out.

02/04/14  Update.  Bobby has decidely got his confidence( in bucket loads) back and should be called Zebedee !!!  Bounce, bounce, bounce, play, run then ………………………….zzzzzzz .  Still very wary of strangers however.