fanfarophotonet fanfarone (2)Oh just look at this gorgeous boy !  Thought to be about four years old, he was found near to starvation with shot bullets in his ear and taken in until a home could be found for him.  Sadly this has not happened yet and now the situation is getting desperate as the lady looking after him cannot do so for much longer.  Dear Fanfaron is fine with other dogs, cats and chickens.  He loves long walks but would be happy in a large fenced in garden if he was with someone who loved him.  The money has been raised to get him neutered and chipped.  I do so hope someone takes pity on him before it is too late, with such a lovely character he really deserves some good things in life now.

13/3 Yeh, yeh and double yeh !  Fanfaron has gone to a new home.  Bring on the band and let the parade commence !!