GaryFor Jack Russell lovers down in the South of France, we have two year old Gary who is in a refuge at Cannes ( see me for détails).  Gary is a very affectionate bit of a lad, typical JR.  Will run if not fenced in and does not like being left alone.  Will chase cats.  Ideal home ?  Young retired couple – in fact any active retired couple, where Gary will have company all the time.  An apartment would be fine so long as he has good walks.  Due to formalities at the Cannes refuge prospective owners would have to go there personally so I’m sorry we cannot offer the usual transport assistance.

31/05/13  Update on Gary.  He is sharing an enclosure with another little dog and is being very good.  Gary just loves/needs company.  A Poorpaws well-wisher has offered to pay the costs of getting Gary out AND petrol for anyone going to get him, in order that this little lad finds a new kind home very soon.

5.7.13  EXCELLENT NEWS !!!  Gary has been adopted by a couple one of whom is a profressional gardener and Gary goes everywhere with him.  A wonderful home for this boy who has had a couple of upsets in his Young life.