Brittany Spaniel

Tissues at the ready ……………….ADOPTED !!

This is a heartbreaker. This poor little chap who is only four months old, was found tied to the gates of the refuge in Cahors. The staff couldn’t imagine why such a beauty had been dumped but they soon found out. He is blind. How could anyone do something so cruel as to leave a blind dog, who would not know what was going on, tied up ?

I’m bursting with anger and desperation that such people even exist. So, we are looking for a wonderful family who would be willing to give him a home. We know that blind dogs can lead perfectly happy lives and as he is young he will soon learn his way around. A home with a friendly intelligent dog would be best so that this one could follow.

If you can offer him a loving home please contact me or the refuge in Cahors direct on 0565 22 66 32. Many thanks.