April 2012

April and I know I should be hoping for rain but I just can’t bring myself to do it. Rain is great when you are in a nice dry house with a cup of tea looking out at your recently planted flora drinking it in but when you live on a building site in a delapidated mobile home with 17 dogs and 20 cats around, it’s a different story. However much time you spend wiping surfaces down they are immediately covered in William Morris Paw de Chat print. I have to wear waterproof trousers to get down to the car otherwise I’m covered in the later design of Paws de Dog sizes various !

Mea culpa time !!  I’m always banging on about getting your dogs sterilised.  Even if you say your dogs never go out without you, there is always the possibility of a second’s moment of inattention and there you go, more puppies who risk ending up in the Lot or a dustbin.  Well, we have Fargo, a huge Ariegois dog, who is so frightened of everything that it was considered putting him to sleep as he would have no quality of life.  I said I would give him a try here, he could just live his own life in the safety of a park and large garden and no-one would bother him.  He isn’t aggressive you understand, just terribly terribly nervous.  Well, after six months I can just about touch him but only when he knows I am going to open the park and let him run in the garden.  The other day when bringing the other dogs home from a walk, I had that “moment of inattention” and Fargo was out into the big wide world.  I hadn’t had him neutered as I didn’t want to put him through the stress of a visit to the vet.  SILLY, SILLY ME !!  I spent an anxious day at work imagining him battling with other males in order to impregnate some poor female – it’s ‘season’ time and there are hundreds around.  All the other dogs were shut up in parks, the back gate left open, Ernst was asked to keep an eye out and to close the gate as soon as Fargo came home.  I got back in the afternoon to find Fargo happily playing in the garden.  Phew !  Then a SFB moment (I can’t possibly write that in full), the back gate was still open.  I charged up to it and did an Ally McBeal flying leap to close it before Fargo realised he could get out again.  I turned round to see him looking at me a sort of bemused “duurrhh, been there, seen it, dunnnit, got the t-shirt” look on his face.  For those of you who are interested, Ernst had been so involved in putting in windows (yeah !!) he hadn’t even realised Fargo was back!

I get the last laugh, Fargo is off to the vet next week and will come home missing two little pieces of his anatomy !!

Talking about not letting dogs out, there is a law that you may not know about – I certainly didn’t.  It is forbidden, illegal even, to let your dogs run free off the lead in woods and forest between 15th April and 30th June.  This is when the wildlife are having their young.  Any of you who have stumbled across a baby deer doomed to death because the mother has been frightened away or have had the very distressing experience of your dog bringing home a baby deer, will realise what good sense this makes.  We are lucky enough to live in France, many of us in the countryside and we should respect the laws of the land.  I walk about ten dogs nearly every morning before work and amongst them are a knot of four or five hunting dogs who b****r off regularly, coming back hours later.  Well they are in for a shock, they will be on strict lead rota for those weeks.
Well it was another good month for adoptions – Shiva, the German Shepherd, Hercule, Gaston, 2 Labs, Trudie and Cherie and Dylan all went on to happier futures.  Thank you all.
Georgia and Gina had one enquiry which, sadly, didn’t come to anything.  Gina is off to Boot Camp for a week in the hope of turning her into an angel.  I swear I reckon they’ still be here when I go into a retirement home – can’t wait !!  Tiny Ben has  joined the list of ‘lifers’ here, little bxxxxr that he is.  There was one person who said she was quite taken by him, but she could afford to be, she is quite safe living in New Zealand !!!  Thank you anyway Michelle !!
For those of you who come to see me at Montaigu Market on a Saturday morning, I am still there (weather permitting) but I’ve been moved and am now next to Angela and her lovely curries. Actually I won’t be there on the 7th because of our Barn Book Sale, please don’t forget and come to support us, have a browse and a serious munchies attack on the lovely home made cakes.  At the hamlet of Beliben next to Sauzet in the Lot – follow signs and balloons.  Looking forward to seeing you there.  As I said, even if dog resuce is not your thing (in which case you won’t be reading this !), half the proceeds go to cancer research and I am sure that each and every one of us has some reason to be thankful for that.
Back in May by which time we will have spent three days on the Ile de Ré.  Bliss, nothing to do but read and sleep – can’t wait.
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