November 2011

And an angel came unto Poorpaws and the angel’s name was Sophie. And Sophie looked at all the dogs and laid eyes on Gumbo.  And Sophie saw that Gumbo was good (despite his broken leg and damaged hip).  And Sophie picked up Gumbo (and his veterinary bills) and took him home.  And Sophie was happy and Gumbo was very happy and repaid Sophie by peeing and crapping all over her home.  BUT Jean-Francois was NOT happy and said unto Sophie “either the dog goeth or I goeth”.  Silly Jean-Francois.  And Sophie helped Jean-Francois pack his bags and move into the shed.

Ahhh, I love a happy ending !!

Other lucky October dogs were Bouba, Leyla, Roux and Biscuit, thank you so very, very much.

I’ve just had a wonderful birthday (62 eek !) and my friend Sue gave me a wonderful suprise by coming over for a few girlie days so forgive me if this month’s news is a bit short – things to do and places to go !

Have a great November despite the shorter and shorter days – how horrid it is going to work in the dark.


ps  Gumbo is now clean and Jean-Francois is back in the family home !!!
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