October 2011

The October update is a bit early because………..on the 1st October……………….I’m going for a week……….ON  HOLIDAY !!!!!!  I can’t wait, our annual week with friends at Ernst’s sister’s house on the Cote d’Azur spent playing cards, reading, sleeping, eating, drinking and generally putting the world to rights.  Don’t worry about our dogs  they will all be tied to trees for safety with enough food and water (hopefully !) for one week. Nah, only kidding, some will be going on their hols to friend Danielle and the rest will stay here to be cared for by friend Virginie and spoilt, treated and cuddled by June.

October has been a topsy turvey month for Poorpaws.  On the plus side Leyla’s pups have all found homes as have Gus, Blacky, Muppet and the kittens.  On the down side poor Gumbo managed to sneak out and got hit by a car.   I feel terrible, it was due to a moment’s inattention on my part when I shut the gate sure that he was inside and he wasn’t.  He now has pins in one leg and a damaged hip and  expect, has blown his chances of adoption.  This is a dreadful shame as he really is the most lovable dog being one hundred per cent love and not an aggressive bone in his body.  He is great with other dogs and cats backing down immediately when he gets too annoying and gets told off by the older dogs here.  His one fault was that he jumped up all the time – doesn’t do that now !!

I cannot sign off without mentioning our friend Pam Evans who sadly died suddenly the weekend of the 17th September.  Pam was a great Poorpaws fan supporting every fundraising event and making Christmas cards for me to sell.  She also made the most fantastic theme birthday cakes which you could order, then wouldn’t take payment for.  Her funeral day was lovely (if I can say that) the church was full and husband Ken wrote a wonderful eulogy which was read out.  Tender and amusing there wasn’t a dry eye when he ended by saying “give me time to get my breath back and I’ll carry on”.  The world is a sadder place without you Pam.

Bummer, I’m crying again !

OK I’m off on ‘me’ hols.  Be good, take care and I’ll be back soon.

Sue x
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