Thank you so much to those who sent kind messages following my loss of Hailla, so many said they understood exactly how I felt, and, as we know, this is something we have to go through when owning and loving our pets. I’m getting better and can now look at photos with happiness and not so often through tears.

Enough ! Moving on. A HUGE thank you to Jackie who, with her husband (?) have adopted George and Jessie, the seven year old cats. The owner had given up hope and then at practically the last minute, along came the cavalry in the form of Jackie and the owner was highly relieved to see her cats go to such a lovely couple.

The night before the new format Book Sale I was really nervous that people wouldn’t come without coffee, cakes and soup on offer. I needn’t have worried. Despite saying, as usual, the start was 10 am, we had people long before, mainly because they had to go to work. So for the next sale the official start will be 9am. We took an amazing 1,641 euros which was split between Poorpaws and La Mere aux Betes. The ‘Sue Has Enjoyed’ and ‘Sophie’s Choice’ boxes were a success and will be there again at the next sale, along with special offers. The next sale will be Saturday 25th March 2023 and I am already collecting books, so please get in touch when you have some to donate.

I would like to contact a lady who came to the sale and wrote down her email address for me so that I could get in touch to arrange to collect some books. The problem I have is that I cannot read the email address and attempts to decipher it have bounced back. So, if you know anyone with an email address which looks like (but isn’t !) B.barbaraSzih@icloud, please ask her to contact me !

Since the book sale Ernst and I have had our usual week on Ile de RĂ©. This was the 11th time we had been to the same gite (we quite like it !) and it was just the perfect week with lovely weather but not too hot.

Now to dogs ! I am more than DELIGHTED to say that Finette has been adopted and gone to a wonderful home. She had to wait quite a while but it was worth it. Pocker has gone to a new home in Germany, another one who had to be patient for months. There are quite a few on the website who seem to get overlooked through no fault of their own and who are gorgeous dogs, Raven and Sirius being just two. So when you are looking, give them a second look.

Ab Fabba will be appearing in ‘Those Were the Days Too’ a musical presentation of the 70s and tickets are selling well. Don’t miss out go to www.quercymusique.fr for details of tickets and dates. Dressing up 70s style is encouraged but not obligatory !

Enjoy the cooler weather, and, as the evenings get darker, curl up with good books ……..and then pass them on to me !!!

Sue x

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