Happy Birthday brother Phil !

Our holiday on Ile de RĂ© was jinxed this year. As I told you last month, we had to cancel our second week, then half way through our first week, we had a call to say that an elderly friend of ours had died, so we had to leave early for the funeral. Still, we came back with happy memories as usual.

A few weeks ago Jip, one of our Brittany Spaniels decided to go walkies on his own and didn’t come home until the evening. He was sat outside our back gate and, strangely, when I opened the gate and called him in, he just sat a looked at me pitifully. Me, all heart, said to him impatiently “oh come on Jip, stop mucking about”. He then walked very slowly to the gate and it was then I saw to my horror he had a coil of barbed wire attached to him. How he got home I’ll never know. It took me about 40 minutes to free him and, amazingly, the only damage done was a bleeding ear. Dogs’ ears bleed profusely when injured. I mopped him up and disinfected the wound and he was his usual happy self. A couple of days later I was fondling his ears and realised there was a hole big enough for me to get my little finger through ! He could have had one of those strange big black stud earrings that some guys wear ! Off to the vet who proposed either stitching it up or making a hole in the other ear and buying earrings ! I plumped for the first suggestion. However, sadly, it didn’t mend and poor Jip ended up having the bottom of his ear cut off. I decided to buy him some paints and a canvas to see what he could come up with but, sadly, no talent there !!!

I’m delighted to report that lovely Roxia has gone to a fab new home, in fact she is tobe the sister/playmate of Ivanoe a gorgeous chocolate Lab, adopted from Danielle.

You all know by now that I cannot take in any more dogs, the 15 I have will now be here for life and although some of them are really old and ‘knockin’ on heaven’s door’, they are not actually going through the door ! So, no room for more which is why I work closely with Danielle Diczy of La Mere aux Betes refuge at Castelnau Montratier. Danielle has many dogs who need more education before being put up for adoption and at the moment she is also trying to help an ex chasseur who has quite a few dogs who live in good conditions and who the chasseur wants to keep and care for. The problem is that money is short and Danielle is asking for donations of croquettes to help him out. To rehome the dogs would be a problem and the guy doesn’t want to do that. Danielle would also be very grateful for any veterinary medications you may have at the back of a cupboard and which you don’t need any more. The sell by date is of no importance. So if anyone can help, please contact me.

Another way you can help is to come to the Vide Grenier at St. Laurent Lolmie (Lot) on 10th October where both Danielle and I will be selling a great selection of items, from bric a brac to excellent condition second hand clothes.

Now, our Autumn Book Sale – yey ! The weekend of 23rd/24th October, here in St. Pantaleon at the Salle de Fetes (10 am to 2pm Saturday, 10 to 1 Sunday). A really great selection of fabulous condition books (classics which I cannot bear to dispose of may be less than pristine) all at one euro each, plus our famous excellent home made cakes. Samosas are back (!) and lunchtime soup home made by wonderful Walter. Our dear musician Ray cannot be there but Peter Quinsee will be there to provide music for us. Please, please, support us if you can. PASSE SANITAIRE AND FACEMASKS OBLIGATORY !! Sorry folks but it’s the rules and we all want to keep safe !

With love,

Sue x

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