September 2011

A very weird month August has been – 40° one day and boots and brolly the next !  It is much easier to keep dogs warm in the cold than it is to keep them cool in the heat.  Here we have kiddies’ plastic sandpits filled with cold water in the garden and in dog parks but have to say that they seem to drink the water rather than paddle, except for Rik the ancient huge German Shepherd who wallows like a hippo just keeping his nose above water.  Our old Brittany Spaniel, Max, suffers in the hot weather so I make sure he has a comfy bed on a cotton sheet in the shade of a tree with water close by.  But is he thankful ?  Nope !  He drags himself back into the mobile home where the temperature is unbearable and lays panting !!

Adoption wise August was a scorcher too !!  Loulou, Benno, Albert, Little Ted, the Setter pups, Fredy, Milou, Fifi and Gina all went to new homes or have homes to go to.  Thank you SO much !!!!

I was lucky enough to be able to take a day and go up to visit the lovely Leeanne and Mike at Twilight Retirement Home for Dogs.


Now I hasten to say that Leeanne and Mike run the home, they’re not inmates !!!   What a wonderful place, to see all those elderly dogs who most certainly would have had a very unpleasant future had it not been for Twilight.  Leeanne and Mike do a tremendous job on a very limited budget but there is nothing limited about the love and care they dish out in dollops.  Please visit their website www.twilightchiens and see for yourselves.

Sadly, I was having such a good time that I didn’t notice that whilst I was there, someone picked up France and turned it around, at the same time wiping the N21 completely off the planet !!  It took me forever to find my way out of Perigieux and I hope I never have to go there again.  I feel so sorry for people living there, they must leave home in the morning wondering if they will ever find their way back at hometime !!  However, worth every kilometer to get to Twilight and I fully intend to book myself in when I get old and doddery…….alright, more old and doddery !

August was also the month of the annual second hand clothes stall at the Montcuq vide grenier.
Vide Grenier
Vide Grenier
Once again it was a great success  We arrived with 35 sacks of clothes and left with 8 !!  Friends Danielle and Lesley were by my side from beginning to end – 7am to 6 pm – friendship indeed.  Thanks to all who donated and/or bought clothes, we raised a fabulous 645.45 euros.  Every cent will go to animal rescue and will be shared between Poorpaws, the SPA, Twilight and the Refuge Canin at Cahors.

The kindness of people never ceases to amaze me and I must give a huge thank you to Brian and Angela who, despite being sad and distraught having had to put their two dogs to sleep in a very short pace of time, thought of Poorpaws when packing their car to come down to their house near here and put in three HUGE bags of a very expensive dog food to give to us.  Plus a large dog bed.  The dogs loved the food and were not happy about going back to the usual brand even though they loved it before !!!  A bit like going back to fizzy white wine having tasted champagne !!   Thanks Brian and Angela, you are very special.

Well that’s about it, have a look at the updated adoption page and if you don’t see what you are looking for, give me a call, there are new dogs looking for homes all the time.

Sue x
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