3rd SEPTEMBER 2020

Oops, I did it again, missed the end of August and here we are already 3rd September.  Today was a very happy day as Danielle and I took Jozy to her new home.  She has been adopted by some friends of mine in Tarn et Garonne.  I have known Coral and Chris for at least 45 years but apart from a brief meeting at a book sale some years ago, we haven’t seen each other properly for ages.  In fact it is thanks to them that I am here in France !  They came over looking for a holiday home back in the eighties and visited a lovely little house just outside of Montcuq.  They decided against it but told me and my then husband all about it.  We came over, loved the house and bought it.  We spent many happy holidays there, then went our separate ways and the house was sold.  In fact it has been sold several times since we had it and I am very happy to say that, by chance, Ernst and I are very close friends with the couple who own the house now.  Anyway, Jozy !  She is just a dream dog and although the resident cocker Spaniel, Lady, was not too impressed to find she has a new playmate, the latest news is that after just a couple of hours they are both sleeping happily in the same room.  Jozy is the gentlest of gentle dogs and she won’t mind at all if Lady wants to be top dog.


Above you have a lovely photo of Bouboule, so contented in her new home.  Lucky little girl !   Also puppy Romeo (now Zac) enjoying a walk with his new family, then, at the top, Jozy, now Jessie (love the name) who looks as though she has fallen very comfortably on all four paws.  Just hope Danielle doesn’t see the photo, dogs on chairs, hmm !!  August was a great month for adoptions.  Romeo, Rosie (now Rosa) and Rocky were adopted very quickly and are proving to be extremely bright and quick to learn.  Romy has also moved on and the bestest of best news is that the gorgeous Pheobus has found a new home.  Poor P was dumped by some dustbins and all I can say is that the heartless numbskulls who left him there will never know what they have missed.  A simply beautiful boy.

We’ve had a lot of interest in Marot and I’m sure that in the next newsletter I will be able to announce that he too has gone to a forever home.

Last Sunday we ran our usual clothes stall at the Montcuq Vide Grenier.  This year, instead of being held in the little streets and alleys of Montcuq, it was held at the municipal campsite – probably because of covid restrictions.  Although it was much easier for stall holders to access and set up, there wasn’t the usual atmosphere.  In a way we were incredibly lucky with the weather as it had chucked it down for two days before and we set off at 5.30 am casting very anxious eyes at the sky – which was of course pitch black at that time in the morning !  Dawn broke grey and   C O L D !  However, apart from a few drops a couple of times, the showers held off until it was packing up time.  People were telling us that it was raining everywhere around Montcuq and because of that I am sure some people didn’t venture out, which was a shame.  We ‘only’ took 563 euros, half of last year’s total but in the circumstances I don’t think we did too badly.  No-one was buying t-shirts or Summer dresses, so most of those have been packed up to be held over for next year.  Something wonderful did happen though, a Dutch couple had heard of Danielle’s work through the dog rescue grapevine and came along to give her a very generous donation, so that sweetened the day somewhat.

After the scorching Summer, I have decided to throw in the towel and stop trying to keep our terrace full of flowers and shrubs, it is just too hot for them.  Every year I have to move pots to the shade when the watering restrictions come in, so now we are having a basic pergola built, I will grow robust climbing plants over it and just have furniture and tables out there, keeping the plants to shady areas.

Off to the Ile de Re on the 19th for TWO weeks this year, so we are just keeping fingers crossed that distance restrictions are not imposed.  It is over a year since our last visit and I’m getting withdrawal symptoms.  This time last year we were in full preparation for our hiking trip to Japan, where has the year gone ?!

We still haven’t made a decision re our Book Sale in October, I’m waiting to find out what the rules and restrictions are going to be. (UPDATE 6/9/20 BOOK  SALE  IS  ON !!) I’m hoping against hope that even if it is just a hall full of books and me taking money it will go ahead – though it would be such a shame not to have the cakes. Can I live without Liz’s carrot cake and/or Pat’s coffee and walnut ? Nope, I don’t think so !

Stay safe, 

Sue x

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