1ST APRIL 2020

I’ve just realised, it’s April Fools’ Day !  Sadly, what is going on right now is anything but a joke.  When the virus panic started I have to admit to thinking well, loads of people die from flu every year and Gaynor pointed out that a million people die from malaria every year – and from that most are children – so why all the fuss about coronavirus ?  I suppose because this is sweeping through Europe, Scandinavia, America, Australasia, in fact all the countries not usually connected with mass deaths, that usually happens in third world countries doesn’t it ?  Well, no, obviously not.  I am not a ‘believer’ in fact I am an atheist (sorry if that upsets anyone, no bad feeling intended) but like most people of my age, had religion taught to me in schools and those of us who went to convent schools (can’t you tell ?!) had more religion than most.  So obviously bits come back to me and what the world is experiencing at the moment seems almost biblical;  floods in the UK and France, fires in Australia, locusts in Africa and the virus worldwide.

Like nearly all my friends, we are so, so, very lucky.  We have a house and garden and live in the country.  The weather is great, so confinement to us means lots of gardening, reading, a daily walk with the dog(s) and, basically, being on holiday at home with a weekly visit to the supermarkets which, are, thankfully, doing a great job of providing our basic needs, white chocolate and wine for example.  Imagine, just IMAGINE for a minute being confined to an apartment with lively children and no outside space, only being allowed out for one hour a day.  NIGHTMARE !  There are many, many, funnies going around on the internet at the moment and one of my very favourites is “After a week of home schooling, the parents are going to find a cure for the virus before the scientists” !  One good thing is that apparently dogs are having more walks than they ever had before !

Clearly, until confinement ends, there can be no dog adoptions unless you live close to Poorpaws or La Mere aux Betes, so if you are looking for a dog to adopt I do urge you to go to your nearest S.P.A., or other local refuge and choose from there.  Refuges are having a bad time with many volunteers unable to get there.

Rant time !   Precis version. Back in January we were asked to take in four puppies .  Yes.  Nothing further is heard from the people.  Two weeks later, apologies but it is so difficult for us to give them up, can you still take them.  We understand and yes.  Nothing. Then, can we pick them up (three hours away).  No, but we can meet you half way.  Great, can we do it tomorrow ? (We are now in MARCH and pups are five months old.) No, closed for a week, 31st March is next possible date.  Ok.  Then of course CONFINEMENT !  Can we still meet them Monday ? No, not without permission from gendarmes.  No worries, they have permission and will come down to Cahors.  Great, call us when you are 50kms from Cahors and Danielle will meet you. Meeting planned for around midday on the Monday.  TUESDAY , we are still waiting to hear from them with no reply to our ‘phone calls and emails.  Finally, we are now seriously worried, I emailed to say that if we hadn’t heard from them by the afternoon I would call the Mairie of their town to go and check that everything was ok with them.  FINALLY a reply saying they couldn’t travel after all.  That was it, no apology for not letting us know or making us stay near the ‘phone getting more and more anxious !  I was LIVID and was all for telling them to xxxx  xx but Danielle is a much nicer person than me and told me just to say we were glad they were ok, but it would have been a good idea to let us know they weren’t coming ! 

Finally, stay safe and well everyone and here is a photo of my great niece, a reason to be cheerful !Sue xx



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