August 2011

For those of you who may be rather confused, that was July, honestly, not March or November, but what a stinker ! August seems to be better but shhhh, don’t say it too loud !!

We are happy to tell you that Titou has now left his lonely life at the farmhouse, is living the life of Riley with Jill in Montcuq and, as I speak, is packing his case ready for a holiday in Switzerland. Fifi has been rehomed and Sissi will be on her way up North at the end of a month. So, all in all July was a good month for the oldies !

Someone (Mark Twain ?) once said “news of my death is premature”, well for those of you who have heard the rumours, news of my retirement is premature. It is partly true though. We have 15 dogs here at Poorpaws who because of age and/or behaviour problems will never be adopted and I have decided that I really cannot take any more in.
I work long busy hours at the hotel to fund the dogs (and 25 cats) and am finding it all very tiring now – can it be that I am getting old ?!!! Also the hotel is up for sale and if it is not sold by November will be closing anyway so I may well be without a job very soon. However, I will continue to be heavily involved in dog rehoming, the website will stay as an adoption board to put dogs and adopters in contact with each other and the Poorpaws news will continue. Fund raising events will continue in aid of other rescue centres as will the card stall at Montaigu market and the English library, and I hope that the name Poorpaws will still be a focal point for helping dogs in need.

One bit of great news is that the UK is coming into line with other european countries and as from the 1st January 2012 dogs will no longer require passports to go back to Great Britain. No more blood tests or 24/48 hour tick and flea treatments. Your dogs only need to have a valid rabies vaccination of at least three weeks. We are so hoping this will reduce the number of dogs abandoned by Brits leaving France.

On 28th August Poorpaws will be manning its’ usual second hand clothes store at the Montcuq Vide Grenier, so if you have any little numbers you don’t wear any more or any Manola Blahniks that are soooooo passé, send them our way ! Seriously all good condition clothes gratefully accepted.

That’s about it for now – don’t even get me going on the couple of Brits going back to UK but leaving their cat, who they have stopped feeding, behind so that she can “learn to fend for herself”.

Sue x

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