31ST MAY 2018

Well, can anyone tell me where May went ?!  I cannot believe that we have been home for five weeks already and I also cannot believe that we can now ‘cast a clout’  because ‘May is out’ !  Whatever has happened to our weather ?  Nothing really decent since last October, perhaps we are going to follow English weather and go straight from Spring to Autumn.  There are rumours of a heatwave July  August, but I’ll believe it when I see it.  I have just finished doing all my Summer pots but already the flowers are getting rusty and very sad looking.

I’m delighted to tell you that dear Barney has gone for a try out at a new home, fingers crossed it all works out for him.  He is such a lovely dog he deserves to be happy.  He just gets on with anybody, two legged or four legged …….well, actually he’s a bit of a devil with cats and needs to be well away from feathered friends but luckily his new home has none of the above.

Nestle was returned !  He tried to claw down a door and destroyed the boot of his prospective owner’s car !  Clearly he needs to be with other dogs for company and confidence.  he will get plenty of that in his new home which is …………….. right here !  Shhhh, don’t tell Ernst !  I just can’t bear to let him go now !

A precautionary tale.  If you think a dog is being mistreated, make sure you get your story right.  To cut a very long story short, I was recently approached by someone asking me to remove a dog from a guy who was treating him badly.  The owner had gone in to hospital leaving the dog in the care of a friend who, I was informed, was not very nice.  I started to make enquiries only to be told that yes, the guy was strict, but cruel not.  It then transpired that the lady who begged me to intervene on behalf of her neighbour had got the wrong dog and the wrong man !  Meantime the original guy ( are you with me so far ?!) had heard what was being said and declared that in that case he would no longer look after the dog !  I tried to find someone to take the dog in temporarily, neither Danielle nor I having any spare room, but to no avail.  I called the guy and threw myself on his mercy and he was perfectly civil – not the monster I had been led to believe.  He explained that the dog had had no education whatsoever, was very difficult, and would bite when excited, which was most of the time.  They guy tried to socialise him by taking him to work with him but Spook (the dog) ripped out the inside of his van.  Amazingly he has kindly agreed to keep Spook until another place can be found and I got on his good side by giving him a 20 kilo bag of dog food to help out.  The lady who stirred up the trouble has been stangely silent !

I hardly dare to say this as we have not long had a fantastic holiday, but we are off to the Ile de Ré for our usual week of cycling / reading / sleeping on Saturday.  Weather forecast is rotten but “am I bovered ?”


Sue x



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