31ST MARCH 2018


I am more than happy to bring Animal Rescue 46 to your attention.  A group of fabulous people who spend their time raising money and making donations to various animal rescue groups in the area.  They regularly  help out Danielle and myself with the most amazing donations of dog and cat food which they collect by standing outside supermarkets in all weathers.  They are in need of volunteers to help them insthe great work they do, plus donations of suitable articles to sell at Vide Greniers.  If you have any spare time, don’t worry you won’t be asked to give up your life, do get in touch with them. 


The above photos show one of the worst case of dog neglect I have ever seen, in fact when I picked up the poor little chap I had difficulty keeping tears at bay.  The poor dog was in such a matted, filthy condition he could see barely out of one eye, the felting of his fur was so bad he had to walk with his legs outstretched and there was months of pee in his fur at the back.  Believe it or not the dog belonged to a lady who never went out because she “loved her dog so much”.  Luckily for the dog she was taken in to hospital and I was asked if I could take him.  Take him I did, non stop to the vet where he had to be put to sleep so that he could get a haircut.  In the picture underneath you can see what a handsome lad he is.  Sadly when he came to us he was very aggressive, not surprisingly he must have been so sore and uncomfortable for years, and I couldn’t get near him.  So I started stroking him with a fleecy cobweb remover I have.  At first he was gobsmacked and didn’t move, the second time he killed it !!!  However, now he is much calmer and I can stroke his back but keep my hands well away from his mouth !  He is fine with all our other dogs except for an ancient Pinscher we have – a bit of testerone competition there.  What I cannot understand is that his owner (who is clearly a sandwich short of a picnic) has a carer going in and general council social help.  So, why oh why, have none of these people done anything about the care of the poor dog and brought his plight to the attention of someone ….. anyone ?  We just know that the person who went in to feed the dog at the beginning just kicked it to one side, put the food down and left.  If I get my way the dog will never go back.

A happier story now.  Here we have Oscar who is just one lucky bunny.  The Stoner family came to the area on holiday last year and Oscar kept turning up to visit.  They couldn’t forget him and got in touch to ask me if I could find out anything about him.  Turned out he was a stray being cared for by various people in the village.  We tried to catch him but to no avail, however the SPA were cleverer and after months and months Oscar was taken to the refuge.  When I heard I immediately got in touch with the Stoners and, to cut a long story short, Oscar is now living – in luxury it looks like – over in England.  I wonder if he thinks he has died and gone to heaven !  Hunting dogs are notoriously difficult to home which is sad as they are usually fabulous dogs, so Oscar really had a lucky star over him.

Just time to thank everyone who came to our Book Sale.  We made 2,500 wonderful euros every cent of which will go towards helping dogs and people who have difficulties arising from cancer.  The next sale is 20th October so put the date in your diary and start putting books you have read to one side for us.  I will collect as from now.

Happy Easter to you all and don’t hit the chocolate too much – yeah right !

Sue xx

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