R.I.P. Rita.  Last month I told you about my sweet little Rita our ‘special needs’ Brittany.   Well, she has left us to go and join the ever growing doggie family of dear Tricia who died last year.  Rita had some sort of brain ‘attack’ then after sleeping for 24 hours was unable to stand up without falling over and had a heartbreaking panic look in her eyes.  I raced to the vet with her and he said we could either help her on her way there and then in warm peaceful atmosphere or I could take her home where she would certainly die within the next day or so when I might not be with her.  Of course there was no contest so I held her, talked cheerfully to her and sent her on her way to Auntie Tricia.  Then got the tissues out.

Spookily the next day someone sent me a poem about rescue dogs entitled “I adopted your dog today”, I sent it on to several people  and quickly realised I was about the only person in the world who hadn’t seen it before !  I added my own verse:-

I adopted your dog last week./  You had thrown her out in to the cold/ You didn’t care that she was ill, and oh so very old. / She had a lovely time with me/ was so loved she could tell./ Last night she went to doggy heaven/ and may you rot in hell.

Clearly I am struggling with 2018 being my year of tolerance !!

Moving on to happier news – Dino has gone to a fantastic new home.  Dino was very loved by his previous owner but due to his love of self service chicken dinners, complete with feathers, he had to be chained up and this caused his owner too much distress.  As soon as the Archer family ( not the dum dee dum dee dum dee dum BBC kind) turned up I just knew they were the ones and photos received of Dash (new home new name) with his new little buddies confirmed my faith.  Have a great life now Dino you couldn’t have gone to a better family !

Quite often I receive calls from people on holiday here who see dogs who they think are in unsuitable conditions and ask for help in  changing said conditions.  Such was the case with a really lovely lady here on a skiing trip worried about a dog over the road.  The dog was in a small dirty enclosure with a kennel that appeared too small for the dog, with water iced over morning and evening.  The lady sent me photos and I had to tell her that although the conditions were not ideal, the dog had shelter (she could in fact get in to the kennel and was probably warmer in a very small one than she would have been in a larger one), she was fed, she had water and, most importantly in my view, was not chained up.  These were better conditions than many dogs have to suffer.  However I agreed to call the owner and chat to him.  He was totally bemused, we were talking about a dog !  A dog did not need affection, his dog was not suffering and English tourists could just mind their own business !  I did ask if he could at least clean the enclosure up “to avoid an official visit” but he just said “bring it on” (in French – je les attends) !!   Dog lovers like us, would love to see all dogs have the great happy life that we give our dogs but sadly for working dogs this does not happen a lot of the time.  Don’t get me started on a programme I saw about working Border Collies in Scotland !  The lady I mentioned earlier did throw a blanket and toy in to the dog before she left, but we’ll never know if the dog was allowed to keep these little luxuries.

Adoptions have been going well this month, the Shar Pei cross pups have all gone to homes but we are desperate to home the three black and white brothers.  New on to the site are Nancy and Nestlé, two four month pups who are fantastic !  They are here with me here at Poorpaws, they sleep in my bedroom and are as good as gold. As soon as the light goes out they curl up and go to sleep.  When the light goes on, four little paws come up and two gorgeous little noses appear over the bed with their tails wagging for France.  No better way to start a day, boy will I miss them but they have to go soon !!!!!  Anyone wanting an adult dog should consider Toby, poor boy has been waiting sooooooo long.

Just time to remind you about the St. Patrick’s Day Book Sale, 17th March, St. Pantaleon (Lot) Salle de Fetes, 10 am.  Ample parking at one minute’s walk.  Books/dvds at one euro each plus the usual fab home made cakes and lunches.  A really good cosy atmosphere – Doreen are you coming this time ? I haven’t met your new babe yet !

Sue x 




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