NEWS 31st MAY 2017

This photo really made me laugh.  It was headed “We’re really doing well with our ‘don’t sit on the furniture’ training” !!  Regulars will recognise the dog on top but possibly not the name as she has been Izzy, Fleur and is now Tyga Lily !!  As her owner points out,well she is not actually on the chair !!!

Now, following a little giggle to start with, we go to the complete opposite of emotions, heartbreaking sadness.  Those of you who read this page regularly and those who come to our Book Sales will know of Amanda.  Amanda was one of the founder members of the book sale team and was the maker of the most fantastic cakes.  She has been very poorly over the last 18 months with the return of cancer.  Having successfully recovered from breast cancer, it came back in the form of a rare type of blood cancer.  Amanda had to undergo horrid treatments and at Christmas gave us the fright of our lives when we were told she had just two days to live.  She didn’t listen and made amazing progress so we naively thought she would pull off a miracle again.  Anyone who saw her at the Easter Book Sale saw her tired but cheerful and positive and she pulled out all the stops to make her hot cross buns and many of the cakes on sale.  She seemed all set to be well enough to attend her daughter’s wedding in England on 1st June.  Tragically it wasn’t to be and Amanda took a sudden down turn, was rushed into hospital, insisted on coming home after a week and passed away peacefully in her sleep on Monday 22nd May.  I cannot tell you how shocked and desperately sad we all are.  All we could do was to give her the funeral she wanted.  Church service at Albas and laid to rest at the lovely cemetery there next to the river. Plus, and this was very important to Amanda, truckloads of pink flowers.

I’m now trying like mad to think of some good news but as I am off to England next week to stay with my pal Susie when she has her third chemo treatment, it is proving difficult.

However, during what proved to be a very sad month, there was good news for the following dogs who all found great homes – Malik, Mocha, Jocky, Logan and Lolita.  May you all be very happy with your new families.

Sue xx

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