July 2011

Phew, well that’s over for another year !  The TV has had its’ annual airing, has now been unplugged and I’m trying to get back to normal life after trying to fit in work and ‘playing’ every match at Wimbledon that I could.  I feel quite bereft now !


June was a sad little month for us here, two of our beautiful puppies caught a ghastly gastro virus and sadly didn’t make it.  Then two of our oldest residents had to be put to sleep.  Fabus, one of the very first dogs taken in, was a scruffy little so and so.  He came to us after his owner died and after he had run away from two new homes – to go and sit in front of the café where he used to go with his master !  He ran away from us once but couldn’t find a bar so came back and never left us after that.  Every morning he would branch off from our walk and go to our lovely neighbours Pat and Tony.  He would walk in the back door, eat the breakfast kindly given to him, then out the front door without so much as a thank you !  Pat and Tony miss him but our Max is taking over – happily he is more polite and at least permits a pat and stroke before he comes home.  Fabus came to us at 12 years and was 17 when a series of nasty fits eventually left him in a very sad state and the decision had to be taken for him to be at peace.


Then our Nicky.  We took Nicky from the refuge at Figeac after we learned she had been there for ELEVEN years !!!!  We couldn’t bear the thought of her eventually dying there not ever having felt grass beneath her paws or knowing the pleasure of lying in the shade of a tree on a sunny day.  (Gosh, sounds so good I think I’ll adopt myself !).  She got a tumour on her leg a month ago which was removed, but then it came back bigger and rampant moving up to her body so that it would have been useless to amputate the leg which we had discussed but which I wasn’t keen on.  Sleep well Nicky and remember the sunny days here.

Well, it wasn’t all sad news !  Folie will be off to a new family in the UK, the elderly German Shepherd is off the streets, is living and loved by a wonderful couple, Willow went to a new home as has Fausto.  So many, many thanks to all you lovely people.

We don’t normally take in cats any more (having about 15) but we have recently had dumped on us a cat and eight kittens.  Six ginger and white, one tortoiseshell and one tabby.  All adorable obviously and we would be very, very grateful for homes for them all – especially as the mother is VERY protective and has made a very definite no-go area near our front door for all our other cats and dogs !!!

The adoption page will be updated just as soon as  I find where puppy Gina has hidden my camera !!!

Have a wonderful July !
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