lancelot-finally-homeWell I waited long enough to be chosen and boy was it worth it !!  What a journey I had, from Danielle’s to overnight at Sue’s then picked up by Peter and Louise (plus Dalmation Digby another ex-Poorpaws).  Then I stayed overnight with Peter and Louise before setting off VERY early in a car on a Very Long Journey.  We even went on a boat across water !  It would have been nice to have a swim but I had to stay in the car with Digby – perhaps because he was frightened and needed me for company, luckyily I am a very brave boy. When the boat stopped I was inspected by a man in a uniform who was obviously very impressed with me.  Another car ride, another overnight stop and FINALLY I arrived at my lovely new forever home.  As you can see in the photo I’m getting lots of cuddles and I just know that this is where I’m going to be Very Happy