29TH JULY 2016

We walked out on to the tarmac and my jaw dropped !  The ‘plane that was there waiting to fly us from Bergerac to Exeter had propellers.  PROPELLERS !!!!!  The last time I flew in such a ‘plane was in 1990 on a flight through a snow storm from Nice to Austria to an ill fated skiing holiday.  Ill fated because I took to skiing like a cow to roller skates !  Anyway, back to Bergerac.  Because I am not a good flyer I decided to create a ‘story’ situation.  We were escaping from war torn Germany and this was the only flight out.  Slight problem with that story, my partner sitting next to me is German so why would he be on the flight ?  So the location was changed to Afghanistan.  Needless to say we ‘got out’ safely and I have to admit it was a beautiful flight.  Because we didn’t fly as high as a ‘normal’ ‘plane I could see land and sea for most of the journey and convinced myself that we were so low that if anything untoward happened I would be able to jump from there.  (Please don’t disillusion me !) Suffice to say I was very happy to see the same ‘plane waiting when we left Exeter to come home, albeit in a rather scary purple colour !

Cornwall was fabulous.  We stayed with friends who rent a house there every year and  spent the week going on lovely walks punctuated by lunches and/or cream teas.  The weather wasn’t wonderful but fine for long walks.  When the sun did come out we whipped off jumpers, put on sunglasses, took photos then put the jumpers back on again !  Such a great time we are hoping we behaved well enough to be invited back (please Gabi and John ?).

Ten days after Cornwall we had a ten hour drive to Karlsruhe in Germany for Ernst’s nephew’s wedding.  We had booked an Airbnb which was a small flat in a beautiful old building situated in a very picturesque old square.  Lovely, we thought on arrival however, when we tried the key it didn’t work !  Long story which took a long time to sort out, just what we needed after that drive.  In fact Airbnb had given us the wrong building number on their confirmation email !  Finally found the right place and headed for a much needed beer in one of the many pavement cafés around the square.  The wedding was lovely and weather fabulous.  One of the nice touches was when guests were all given a white card on which we were to write our wishes for the happy couple.  The cards were then attached to red heart shaped ballons and we all sent them soaring at the same time, what a fabulous picture that made.  Most people wrote health, happiness, babies etc., but I wished that their champagne always had bubbles !

So now we are back down to earth and once Wimbledon has finished I can concentrate on life as we know it again !

Lots of dogs were adopted last month and there are a shedload more to be added to the website which I will get round to asap.  Please, please, someone fall in love with Gavaroche as we are heading towards my chocolate cut off time !!

I could not end this without mentioning the dreaded Brexit.  Suffice to say I am totally choked, I hope Boris is banished from everywhere and everything for what he has done (lied and led people up the garden path then walked away from the responsibility of what he has done) but, unlike many people I know, I won’t be seeking French citizenship, England is my country whatever.

Now, back to the tennis !


Sue x 


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