1ST APRIL 2016

Easter BunniesSo, dear reader, no I did not marry him – didn’t even ask !!  Ernst is determined to go to his grave as a single man and I am only too happy to help him achieve that !!

Above you will see a great photo of your Book Sale team all decked out in our Easter Bunny ears in front of some of the yumies we had on offer last Saturday for our BEST  BOOK SALE  EVER !  We made a stonking 3,000 euros !!!! (And – I know, I know, never start a sentence with ‘and’ – that is not an April Fool joke !)  Actually we made 2,889 and my mate Sue who was over here and who helped out tremendously topped us up to 3,000.  Half of the money will go to cancer research and Cancer Support France and the other half to Poorpaws, to be shared with other dog rescue charities.  Thank you so much to all who came and supported us and to helpers who are not in the photo – ie the cake makers not in the photo and men who helped us set up and take down.  We didn’t have the heartbreaking job of chucking away good books as Donkey Jan took leftovers to sell in aid of her wonderful donkey charity – thank you Jan.

We’ve had some heartworming adoptions this month. Junior who has been waiting so long has gone to a great home where he has his own armchair in front of the television and gets to go on regular little jaunts in a camping car.  So happy for you Junior, you deserve it.  Your Mum Motus sends love and says that she is happy too as she has now moved to live indoors with the rest of the Poorpaws little old folk – and I include myself in that group too !!  It’s fingers crossed for Tammy who should be moving up to Savoie this weekend and lucky Toby went to a great new home just yesterday.  A lovely couple who are used to the Boxer Bounce took him off, a success all round, Toby lived in an apartment before so is housetrained and now he gets the run of a good garden.  Little Loye left us too and JackJack (so good they named him twice) has a wonderful home where he is just Jack now.

Gavaroche has had several people interested but sadly none of the people have followed through.  He needs a large fenced in garden where he can enjoy freedom  and please, please look at Yuno, a very unhappy lady who deserves so much better.

Jackson RIPThis lovely boy is Jackson and I’m so sorry to say that he is RIP now.  Jackson was one of the very first ever Poorpaws adoptions and what a success it was.  Being an Anglo Français hunting dog not many people would have taken him on but lovely Dee looked into his eyes and said that’s the boy for me.  He turned into her best friend, her confidant and repaid in spades all the love and patience she gave to him.  Dee is so sad now but/and, having read the Dog’s Will on our adoption page is preparing to give another dog the fabulous life she gave to Jackson.  Sleep well Jackson Dee knows you will always be around.

That about wraps it up for this month, oh, by the way, I made it to Easter Day before having a drink and was so looking forward to it.  Strange to say it wasn’t that great !!

Sue x

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