Bobble hat party 002 (2)Ok, ok, OK !!!   I know I’m really late with this month’s newsletter but I’ve had my mate Susie over for a week and there just hasn’t been the time, plus my computer is in the spare bedroom so I haven’t been able just to go and use it willy nilly.  We’ve had a great week.  Susie is one of those pals who, when she is here, just slots in to what is going on, be it visiting ill friends, taking a dog up to Limoges, taking another to the vet, helping me decide on furnishings for the new bedroom ( hey, look at us, TWO bedrooms now !!), and when I am working she amuses herself or, because she has been coming for so long now, she is regarded as one of the gang so is taken off by friends.  We did have some fun times as well though, one of them being our girly Bobble Hat party.  All guests had to wear a customised bobble hat and there were some goodies – a Welsh Bobble decorated with daffodils, a Charlton (football club) Bobble, a Bling Bobble, just to name a few and mine was, of course, a Barking Bobble with pictures of dogs.

Susie and I are both great tennis fans and when Andy Murray got through to the final of the Australian Open I connected up the television so we could watch it on Sunday morning.  It was bound to be on the BBC wasn’t it ?  Was it hell, it was on Eurosport which of course I can’t get.  Frantic ‘phone calls round until someone said Mo and Walter are bound to have it.  Now friend Mo has not been too well recently so with some trepidation I rang up.  When she answered I, of course, enquired after her health (trying not to be too hasty, the match had started by then !) then asked if by any chance they were watching the tennis.  No they weren’t.  Oh shame.  But they could put it on and give us regular updates.  Hmm, thank you Mo.  Then, the magic words, ” Oh, perhaps you would like to pop up and watch it”  “Er, YEEEESS” – jeez, how long does it take ? !!!  So we were up there in ten minutes and had a fabulous morning – Mo is a great story teller.  Only downside, of course you all know, Murray didn’t just lose, he totally crashed !

Talking of dogs (were we ?!!) it has been a great month, Jackson has gone up North, Ayvera (now thankfully called Chico) has gone to a great home, there is only one of Fleur’s pups left and several dogs have gone from my colleague Danielle.  All the dogs now on the website are in desperate need. Bobby’s story really gets to me and it would be so great to find a home for Motus and Junior.  They have been here for a few weeks now and are proving to be delightful just begging to be loved and no problem with other dogs or cats.

Sad about Terry Wogan, I remember many, many years ago, back in the early 80’s I was listening to Children in Need and rang up to make a donation.  As I was doing so, the girl I was speaking to mentioned that Terry Wogan had just walked into the call centre.  I said I would give an extra donation if I could talk to him (sad or what ?!) anyway I had a little chat with him and he was very nice.  When I put the ‘phone down the doorbell rang and it was my next door neighbour, “I’ve just been speaking to Terry Wogan” I told her excitedly.  “My mother-in-law has just died” she replied. Whoops !

Ending on a sad note this time.  I got back from taking Susie to the airport and Ernst told me that little old Kiki had died.  We had some building materials delivered this afternoon and Kiki wandered in front of the van.  Obviously I am choked, Kiki was a lovely little Bichon mix who used to sit by my chair at mealtimes just patting my leg with his paw waiting for me to drop a crumb or two – mind you, you had to be quick giving him titbits as he was partially blind and often mistook the ends of your fingers for food.  I’m so sorry Kiki that I wasn’t here to look out for you.  I aked Ernst if the delivery guy was upset but apparently he didn’t even realise and Ernst didn’t tell him, what good would it have done, it was an accident.

So, I’m rather tearful but wishing you a good month and don’t forget to put our Easter Saturday Book Sale in your diaries.  Books to donate ?  Get in touch.


Sue x



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