Molly's AwardMollySorry to be rather late in wishing you all the very best of everything for the New Year !  This is because I only got back from England late on the 4th and have been dashing around catching up on what has been happening ever since.

The first thing I have to tell you is that in 2015, Danielle of La Mere aux Betes whom I work very closely with, rehomed over 150 dogs !!!!  This is nothing short of amazing for one person with a little help from Poorpaws.  We couldn’t believe it when we counted up.  Danielle and I are both one man bands, no committees, no band of helpers (though we do receive kind offers), it is just little us to do everything from poo cleaning up to paperwork.  As you know Poorpaws now concentrates on older dogs who are in need – we will be welcoming Motus and Junior into the fold at the end of the month since there has been no luck in finding them a home – whilst Danielle takes in the ‘adoptables’ which we home together from our websites.  We were hoping that 2016 would see a reduction in dog abandons but already Danielle has taken in about 15 new dogs and with Motus and Junior coming to Poorpaws I have to say enough is enough.  We now have 20 dogs here and are really bursting at the seams.  I’m still not certain that when we take the next two four-leggeds, one two legged won’t leave !!!    

My trip to England for Christmas and New Year  was great fun though I have not been away for two weeks for since I can’t remember when and by the time ten days had gone by I was ready to come home.  I missed the dogs so much and vowed never to shout at them again –  huh, that last one evening !!  I spent Christmas with my pal Sue in Bromley, then Ernst joined us and we went to Pangbourne for New Year and after that we went to Fleet to spend a couple of days with friend Geraldine.  Geraldine and I have been friends for 66 years, our mothers having been great mates !  The weather was not brilliant but at least some kind friend sent me photos of apéros being taken outside in the sunshine here.  Grrrr ! 

However, it was lovely to have the time to shop, lunch and have a lazy time eating chocolate in front of the television.  Not having a television here I thought I would be in for a tvfest but I was disappointed in what was on.  Of course I watched Strictly, slept through Downtown, never having seen it before, but did enjoy An Inspector Calls and the three part Agatha Christie.  In Fleet it was lovely to see Geraldine’s grandchildren and play some silly games.  From now on, anyone coming to our place for an evening will be expected to get an After Eight from their forehead into their mouth without using hands !!

Now it’s back to work but before I finish I must mention Molly.  Molly was adopted in 2015 from Poorpaws, a delightful young lady who went through many health issues including being bitten by a snake.  She has come through brilliantly and I am delighted to tell you, won a Good Citizen award at her training class.  Well done Molly !  I’ll try to get a photo on to the website. 

It just remains for me to thank all the lovely people who sent donations and gifts for the dogs.  I’m trying to keep up with the thank you letters so please don’t think I am ungrateful, far from it.  Thank you soooo much ! 

Oh one final thing, if there appeared to be a shortage of Krispy Creme doughnuts in Bromley over Christmas, I apologise, totally my fault, I just love them !! 

Sue xx






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