2nd DECEMBER 2015

KennelWell hallo there, let me introduce myself, I am Balto and I think  you will all know a bit about me as I have appeared in the monthly News page before, be it because I run off on walks or perhaps because I scaled a two metre fence to get to the female I love.  Sadly she is in love with a little old mongrol who has been at Poorpaws almost since the day it began.  So, in order to help me get over my chagrin Sue has agreed that I can kick off the newsletter this month with a great photo of moiself showing off a fabulous new kennel that has been donated by Mr. and Mrs. Eyers.  It is huge, provides plenty of space for two large dogs to sleep in and Mr. and Mrs. Eyers drove it a long way down here, such generosity !  In case you were wondering, there is a roof but it is detachable to make cleaning easier – the very latest in kennel class.  So, I am quite liking ……………….

Ok Balto  that’s enough, you’ve had your fifteen minutes now back down !!

So, as I said last month, now  I am slightly older now and although I had not intended to celebrate my 66th, events were rather taken out of my hand.  A group of us have a Strictly Sweepstake and every couple of weeks or so we all get together to watch the programme and have supper together.  Ernst said it would be a good idea for us to host on my birthday.  Hmm, the fact that we only have a kitchen diner, not really large enough to feed 28 people didn’t put him off, nor, suprisingly, did the fact that we don’t have a television !  (Well we do but it is fixed on to the wall in a bedroom and used only to watch dvd’s and Wimbledon.)  No problemo, Gaynor and Phil brought their TV round, luckily only 15 of the group could make it so we all sat round the kitchen table munching, drinking, cheering and booing together.  Those of you who know me know very well that domestic goddess I am so not, so the great thing about these evenings is that everyone brings either a savoury or sweet dish so that not everything falls to the host to prepare.

So, a very enjoyable birthday after all and now Christmas is on its’ way with ever increasing speed !  I’m off to England on the 22nd to spend Christmas with friends Sue and Shelagh, leaving Ernst to cope with the dogs and cats.  He cannot be doing with Christmas but I have to say I do like it and haven’t had an English one for about 20 years now.  So it will be a strictly girlie affair, lunching, shopping and watching smaltzy Christmas films.  Ernst will join us on the 29th when we move on to friends in Pangbourne for New Year, then to others in Fleet, coming home on the 4th.  I haven’t been away for so long for years now !  I’m hoping Ernst does make it over as his flight has been moved from 11.30 am to 7.30 !!!  He is not good at getting up early but very good at staying up late, so I have suggested he just doesn’t go to bed the night before.  We have also had to ask a friend to print Ernst boarding card as he has no idea how to even switch on the computer let alone work it and BA only let you print off 24 hours before.  A lovely friend is moving in whilst we are away and another friend is on standby as back up, so all in all it should go well.

As for adoptions this month, well it has been very successful time !  Lots of pups have been homed, Jack the white Jack Russel is in a great place, Nouky too.  The best news for me however is that Berger looks like he is on his way to happiness !  Now if the lovely Junot could find a home, that would really make my Christmas.

You all have a good one and I’ll be back next year !!


Sue x

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