3RD JULY 2015

Meerkat Patch !
Meerkat Patch !

So the email read something like this.  “My wife and I are moving away to enjoy our retirement so need to rehome our four year old dog.  Can you take him for us.”  Hmmm.  O.k.  Now, what do you think my reply was ?  (a) “Oh I quite understand that to enjoy your retirement you have to get rid of your dog and how intelligent of you to take a dog just four years before said retirement.  Yes of course we can take him there are only millions of other needy dogs in desperate search of a kind home so it will be no trouble at all to take a dog  who already has a home and put him to the top of the list and please do enjoy your retirement.”  Or, was it  (b) “You heartless expletive deletive etc., etc., etc.”  Answers on a postcard !!!!  I just couldn’t believe it.  How could anyone be so cold and callous ?  I did, after I had sent the insulting email say that for the dog’s sake I would try to help, but strangely I never had a reply.

So that was my rant for the month.  Apart from that the news has been mainly good, lots of adoptions, although strangely the chocolate Labs are not exactly leaping off the page and they are soooo gorgeous !

Here at Poorpaws we have taken in Honey who was on the adoptions page for quite a while.  She came with her friend Patch and what a lovely pair they are too.  They have settled in beautifully and are great characters.  the favourite game is for someone to throw a ball or toy, Honey will go fetch but take the object to Patch to bring back as if to say “I’m tired, you do a bit !”  Patch is a Bearded Collie and arrived looking a bit like a sheep.  Her owner had done a great job of trying to keep him groomed but he was in need of a good haircut.  So, off to Virginie in Prayssac and one and a half hours later I collected what looked like a Meerkat !!!  This is no reflection on Virginie who I recommend to any of you, but Patch’s fur was so matted close to the skin that a complete shave was necessary !!  We now have to be careful he doesn’t get sunburnt !!

We’ll be celebrating Ernst’s 70th (eek) birthday this month and unbeknown to him there is to be a small German invasion of relatives plus friends from England stayig at various venues.  I’m trying desperately to get him to finish the second shower as there will be eight of us, some in camping cars over the weekend.  What will I buy him ?  Well twelve years ago we saw a clock that we liked in the Horlogerie in Montcuq.  We couldn’t afford it and had nowhere to put it, but made monthly payments and finished paying after six months.  Since then the clock has stayed at the shop because the house wasn’t finished.  it still isn’t but I think that now is the time to collect the clock !!

Not much getting done here partly because of the heat and, obviously, because of Wimbledon – enjoy both !

Sue x



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