April 2011


OK get your kleenex out because I’m going to tell you a sad story !  See this little angel here, Gypsy ?  Well she and her brother, both barely two months old, were found at the bottom of a ditch.  They came to Poorpaws and were immediately taken to the vet for a pre-distemper prevention vaccination.  Galpin, the little boy (who is now Ozzie) was fine and is growing well and healthily in his new home.  Sadly little Gypsy must have already had distemper in her and has been so, so poorly.  She spent a week in the vets on a drip and  I was convinced she would die. I had to go away for a couple of days and took her with me so that she wouldn’t die alone.  She had a horrible fit one afternoon and I was convinced that was it and begged her to just ‘go to sleep’.  I even considered looking for a vet in the area to help her on her way.  However, she obviously had other ideas and hung on in there.  She started to eat again and perked up ……….a bit.  One week on she is eating normally but is still weak and instead of running around like any other puppy, she walks like an old lady.  The vet thinks the virus has caused brain damage so she will probably never be ‘normal’ but hey, she’s here, she’s a darling and one more nutter in the madhouse makes no difference !!

Other Poorpaws babes have been luckier !  Toby’s owners decided they couldn’t part with him after all (phew), Sultan went off to a great home with Libby and Craig and instantly acquired four new brothers and sisters – last news was that Sultan is the best behaved of them all !

Gerry and Foscoe (the Aussie shepherd pup) went off together to the same new home and are doing just great,  George went off happily to a French family who have declared him “trés intelligent” !  Beakie also found happiness despite practically ignoring his new owners when they came to see him, preferring to wind up the dog in the next park by running up and down and  barking at him !

AND (!) our lovely big boy Saxo suddenly got such a huge flurry of fan mail that he was almost embarrassed !  John and Judith were first in line and despite Saxo being rather larger than they had imagined, it was love at first sight on both sides and all is well there.

I must give a mention to little Fidgi who never made it on to the website before being chosen.  However, he too got distemper and caused us many many sleepless nights.  Gold stars to the Robson family, especially young Aisling who never gave up on him and were delighted after a very anxious two weeks to welcome him to join their gang.

So, a successful month here and let’s hope April will bring happiness to more of our dogs – Geordie for example just can’t imagine why no-one wants him !

Another reminder of our Barn Book Sale, Easter Saturday 10am to  4pm at Beliben just next to Sauzet here in the Lot.  Hundreds of books at 1 euro plus teas and yummy home made (not by me !) cakes.  Please help make this a success for Poorpaws and Cancer Research.

Another date for your diary – from the team who brought you the Blues Train evening in 2009 and The Pink Ball in 2010, we are happy to bring you a Saturday Night Fever evening on June 11th.  70’s style supper and music.  25 euros for a great evening at the Salle de Fete Sauzet.  Email me for more details and to book your places.

Ok, so now lets get down to doing what I am supposed to be doing – finding you your dream dog !  Flip over to adoptions to find your new pal !!

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