3,055 euros !!  THREE  THOUSAND  AND  FIFTY  FIVE  EUROS !!!!!!!  That is the AMAZING sum that Gaynor raised on her incredible Tour de France cycle back in July !  I cannot find the words to thank her and all of you who donated.  The money will be put to improve old, and build new kennels with extra insulation to keep the dogs warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer.  THANK  YOU  THANK  YOU  THANK  YOU !!!!

So what is with this weather ?!  Sleeveless tshirts in October ?!  I feel sorry for the tourists who, having worked all year, had rotten weather for their Summer holidays and very sorry for the people who make their year’s money during the Summer months as I am sure that this year will not have encouraged people to come back to our area (Midi Pyrenees) in future.

However for those of you who like to spend your children’s inheritance and holiday when the schools are open again September was glorious.  We had an absolutely fantastic week down at Cap d’Ail and, yes, I did the Ice Bucket Challenge (see last month’s news).  It was recorded on video and I was hoping to put it in this newsletter but I cannot fathom how to do it.  I’ll get instruction and try to add it later.

Adoptions were great this month, the lovely Jag was rehomed, the Boy Brittany, puppies galore and all three Coton de Tulears have found really fabulous homes.  Of course more have come in as you will see from the adoptions page.  Barney is a beautiful boy looking for a family who will bring him on out of his shyness, there is not an ounce of aggression in him, just needs to feel secure.  There are several spaniel type pups and Jenkins and Jasper pups are with me and I can vouch for them being great fun.  People worry about taking pups with hunting dog in them but they are the gentlest of dogs and make great companions.  Obviously a fenced in garden would be preferable.

Josie had a great time with Jojo (again, see last month’s news) and I am sure Chris and Diane would have kept her if the little minx hadn’t given them a fright by jumping over their wall on to the main road. 

Oh, mustn’t forget, our Book Sale is on October 11th at Lesley’s Barn, in the Hamlet of Beliben just down the road from Sauzet (Lot).  Do, please come and support us, buy your winter fireside reading – or poolside if you are escaping the Winter – and stock up on the fabulous home made cakes.

Then on the 29th October we have our New and Nearly New Clothes Sale to be held as usual at La Sirene restaurant at Montaigu de Quercy, from 11am.  Come and have a browse and a jolly good and reasonable lunch or even just a coffee.  There is a great selection of bargains to be had.

Finally you seemed to like my Household Hints so here is another.  When doing a white wash always check that you haven’t already flung a red teatowel into the machine thinking the next wash would be coloureds !! Anyone need some pink tshirts, towels and sheets ?!

No rant this month (sorry Shelagh and Mo), could I be turning nice in my old age ?!  Bet your life next month I’ll be ranting about the French Pensions Office !

Enjoy the last of the sunshine !

Sue x

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