JULY 7TH 2014

Sorry about the lateness of this months news, I have been glued to the TV for the last two weeks watching Wimbledon ! What a fantastic Mens’ final and how glorious to see a five setter where really neither player deserved to lose. I didn’t see the Ladies’ Final as my friend Lesley’s daughter, Marta was getting married and as I was a witness I sort of had to be there. I won’t tell you my reaction when I realised which weekend she had chosen for the wedding, all I can say is that some people push the friendship boundary very far !! Still, it was a wonderful wedding and so it should have been as Lesley has been working herself into a self-destructing stressball over the last month or so – or should that be year or so !!Lulu Pole Dancer

Regular readers of this monthly waffle will remember Sky the most adorable Rottweiler (scroll back a few months if you want to read about her). Many hearts were broken when Sky became so ill there was only one kindness left that Kelly and her family could do for her. A Rotty breeeder (grr, don’t like breeders but I forgive this one) heard about Sky and has given the family a beautiful female pup who has been named Lulu. Lulu is turning out to be very bright and looks as though she will also be one gorgeous dog. Here you see her in the photo where it seems that she has her eyes set on a career as a pole dancer ! Lulu you are one Lucky Girl to become a member of Kelly’s family and I’m sure you won’t let them down. We look forward to more photos as you grow up.

My friend Shelagh says she reads this rubbish to find out what I am going to go off on one about every month. Well this month is it FOOTBALL, or rather FOOTBALLERS !!!! We have had to suffer months of World Cup this and World Cup that, the players are paid a fortune, they seem to consider they are little gods and don’t even get me started on their wives / partners ! Then what happens ? THEY CAN’T WIN A SINGLE MATCH !! After they had lost the first two, they were saying that if Italy won then the English team would still be in with a chance. No, sorry, you have no right to still be in with a chance YOU ARE INCAPABLE OF WINNING ONE MATCH. Go home you miserable apologies for footballers and don’t darken our newspaper pages again. What REALLY got me mad was that there was all the hype about them and little Heather Watson played a blinder of a tennis match against the world number 12 and beat her, but did we hear anything about that ? Yeah, right !!

However, this news page is supposed to be about dogs !! Tondra is adopted, Ben is adopted, Guismo is adopted, Holly too, lots of interest in Indy and just one Cairn Terrier pup left to go. Lots of new dogs who will, I promise be on the website very soon. Oh big beautiful Tega came back. Silly, silly girl, had a wonderful home with gorgeous Geordie as a playmate and what does Miss Tega do ? Suddenly turns into Bitchzilla and makes the poor Geordie’s life a misery. Decides she is boss and wants all the attention. So she is here again where she has settled back into the gang but still looking for a home where she will be the only dog. I can’t understand it, she shares affection here with 17 other dogs, but when there are just two she gets stroppy.

It’s not too late to sponsor Gaynor in her Tour de France ride in aid of Poorpaws and our sister refuge La Mere Aux Betes. Just Google Gaynorpedals4dogs.com and follow the instructions how to donate. Ernst and I are going down to cheer her on so I should have some photos for the next news page.

I’m sure I had more to say but can’t think ( suffering from Wimbledon blues). Anyhow I’ll add if need be.

Sue xx

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