2ND MAY 2014


So, we’ve had a nice bit of sunshine and I’ve already seen them about.  Rare birds ?  Baby wild animals ?  No,  people who think they are keeping themselves and their dogs fit by cycling around with the poor dog tied to the bike.  ARRRGH !!   NO,  NO, NO !!!  Not only is it so dangerous that they may end up not having to worry about the dog’s health or their own any more, it is just downright cruel and will probably shorten the dog’s life due to a heart attack.  Dogs are like footballers, they run they stop, they turn they run they stop.  They are not long distance runners.  Imagine yourself being tied to a moving machine and being forced to keep up even if you are well out of breath and have to keep going and keep going until the person on the machine decides to stop.  It’s just too ghastly to think about a poor dog in that situation.   So, please, walk with your dog and cycle alone.

Another thing that has been spotted and if you were in Carrefour one hot sunny day a few weeks ago, you may have seen her too, a lady doing her shopping in her swimsuit !!  The cashier told me and said the guys on the butchery counter were having funny turns, so if your chops and mince were overweight and under priced you will know why !!  Although, even in my (much) younger days when I used to look ok in a bathing costume, I would never have gone shopping dressed like that, I do admire the guts of the woman to be so sure of herself.

‘Guts’, horrid word but I couldn’t think of another, ‘balls’ didn’t seem appropriate !  Other words I hate,  ‘belly’, ‘tummy’ is so much nicer, and ‘bitch’, horrid word, I don’t think I have ever referred to a female dog as a bitch even though that is surely what she is.

Talking of dogs, it has been a great month here !  My beloved Tega went to a great new home, as did Gamin, Kali, Emma and Sarko.  You can see pictures of them all on the Happy Endings page – although it has been pointed out to me that that page should be renamed Happy Beginnings  – like it !

Our Easter Book sale was a great success and thank you to all who supported us.  We made 1,500 euros, up on last Easter and a little down on the Autumn but we always take more just before Winter.  Happily we didn’t run out of cakes this time, in fact we had so many that some even didn’t make it to the table – as was the case for a couple of mine, but perhaps that is no bad thing.  Thanks for all the lovely books donated and sorry we had to refuse some which were offered just a couple of days before the sale.  I’ll get in touch nearer the Autumn one.  I would especially like to thank the person who put in the beautiful untouched address book.  It had a dust cover with a lovely bouquet of flowers and flowers throughout the book.  When I saw it, my heart did a triple bounce, it is EXACTLY the same as the address book my Mum and Dad had for many years until they died.  Looking through the book I could see my Mum and Dad’s writing on every page.  Naturally, it is now here with me.  Also a copy of Kai Lung Unrols His Mat.  My Dad loved Kai Lung books and even quoted him at (one of !) my weddings – “a man does not burn down his own house even to annoy his mother-in-law” !!

addressbook1 addressbook2

My Dad was a lovely gentle man, except when playing Bridge !!!  He adored it and tried so hard to be a good loser but never quite managed it, blaming all his bad hands on the God he didn’t believe in !

I’ve had a couple of weekends away since the last News Page – isn’t not working great when you have friends all over the place ?!  I went to the UK to celebrate my mate Sue’s birthday and we did it well !!  Curry on the first night with the Essex gang, then off to Bromley for celebrations with the friends the other side of the Thames.  Then last weekend we went to stay with friends Chantal and Claud down at Martigue.  Chantal and I have been friends since 1971 when I was an au pair in Toulon working for her sister-in-law.  Chantal is great but just doesn’t get the ‘vegetarian thing’.  She made an effort on the first night, peppers, aubergines and tomatoes ……………..stuffed with minced meat !!  She is convinced I am going to die because I don’t eat meat or fish but has been saying this for thirty years and doesn’t seem to notice I am fit, fine and healthy !!

At the end of this month we are off to our beloved Isle de Ré – don’t think I’ve ever been away so much – thank you to good pal Louise who looks after the dogs and cats for us.

Anyway, back to dogs !  Please, please, please look at Caline, she is a Darling and has been hoping for a home for much too long now !


Sue x

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