March 2011

Well February was a Very Busy Month !!  So much so that I’m wondering how I ever had time to go to work before my accident.  I’m very soon going to find out as I start back tomorrow and it’s going to be very difficult after three months of being with the dogs all the time.

This month Mimi had a haircut and found a great new home, Moss found another person to love,  Xena struck lucky and Mia is now at Poorpaws where she is fast losing her timidity and enjoying her new life to the full.

I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days in the Vienne – I love that department – when I took Babouchka and Titi to new homes.  I stayed with my penpal from 300 years ago and we talked the hind legs off very many donkeys.  Babouchka said thank you to her new owner by presenting him with a neighbour’s chicken on the first morning ! Neither Babouchka’s new owner nor the chicken’s owner seemed very put out by the event but I told them that if it happened again they should tie the dead chick round Babouchka’s neck for a day.  That should make her think twice before doing it again.

As for Titi, well, I was an absolute mess !  This boy had come to Poorpaws a nervous wreck and very quickly became my little loving shadow.  As his lovely new owner led him away he turned and gave me such a look, then they drove by with his little face pressed up against the window as if to say “why ? what have I done ?”  I blubbed all the way home and yet again wondered why I put myself through this !!!

On the way home I stopped off at Bellac where I picked up another Mimi and made new friends.  Mimi was adopted within two days and went off for a week to her new owners.  She came back yesterday as they were going on holiday.  We went for a walk and the moo-bag ran off.  Can you imagine telling people that you have lost their dog ??!!!  I didn’t sleep and was rehearsing my “I don’t know how to tell you this….” speech when I got a call to say she had been found three kilometres away (nb.,  ALWAYS put your telephone number on your dog’s collar !).  Great relief, but she cost me a bottle of champagne !  She is now handcuffed and shackled to a post in the garden ! No, not really, but she probably wishes she was as I haven’t let her out of my sight since, even taking her to a charity committee meeting this afternoon !!

Don’t forget the Barn Book Sale on Easter Saturday at Beliben.  Let me know if you have books to donate or bring them along on the day.

Now, have a look for your new friend and if you don’t find him/her check out the other adoption centres under Links.

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