March 30th 2014

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Wow,  what can I say but WOW !  Our clothes sale at La Sirene raised a fantastic 500 euros !!  I was only able to be there for an hour or two and when I left it looked as though the sale would not be that successful but there must have been a surge after I left.  Huge thanks to Pat Lockett and Pat Norden Angus for all their hard work and thank you to all of you who donated and who came along to support.  Hope you got a few bargains.  I must give a special mention to Gaynor Pugh who never fails to pull fantastic clothes, brand new and unworn, out of the hat, her generosity knows no limits.

Talking of Gaynor, she not only donates wonderful clothes she is going to be cycling the amateur stage of the Tour de France ……..yes, you read that right THE  TOUR  DE  FRANCE (!!!!) in aid of dog rescue. We will be setting up a website where you will be able to donate easily direct by a click.

Oh come on, whilst I’ve got the begging bowl out, I’ll continue !  First of all our very popular (big-headed or what ?!) book sale in support of Dog Rescue and Cancer Research.  The next one is Easter Saturday, 19th April, 10am to 3pm, as usual to be held at Lesley’s lovely barn at her home in Beliben, which is five minutes from Sauzet in the Cahors direction.  As usual there will be hundreds of great books – I know because I have read them all just to check and those I haven’t read my brother has (this phrase stolen from Sophie with apologies).  We ran out of cakes too soon last time so are making lots more to make sure this doesn’t happen again but better come early to be sure !  I’m desperately trying to get on to good terms with Bitch Betsy my new cooker, so that I can make something edible if not too presentable !   It has been pointed out that if I stopped calling her Bitch Betsy she may behave better.  The price for books and dvd’s (please no videos) remains at just one euro each.  If you have any dvd’s or books to donate, please get in touch so we can arrange to get them.

Next and last grab at your money, following the success of our hog Roast a couple of years ago, this is to be repeated on Saturday 12th July at the Salle de Fetes at St. Pantaleon.  so, put it in your diary and I’ll be giving you more news in the next newsletter.

And so to dog news !  The lovely Hamish was returned from one home and went to another on the same day !  This time it is for keeps and I knew it would work when I found out the new owners are fellow Essex people (yes, folks I am an Essex girl from ‘Sarfend’ – Southend for those who don’t speak Essex) and the chap even lived in the same tiny hamlet as I did just before I left England !  The tiny Yorkie, now Oscar went off with his new owners laughing all the way, they just couldn’t believe a dog could be so small !  As for me, after looking after Oscar for a few days, I couldn’t believe so much poo could come out of one so tiny !  I’m still waiting for a photo of Oscar with his new huge playmate !!

Excellent news in that my lovely (though not so lovely since she was party to scaring one of our cats to death) Tega will be off to a new home in a couple of weeks.  Tega is just a Darling, Darling dog and I couldn’t be happier for her, although I’ll need to get a giant box of tissues for the handover.

We are really keen to find a home(s) for Janet and John.  Two little babes who were found fending for themselves in the woods – should have called them Hansel and Gretal.  I have been looking after these two for a couple of weeks and they have come on enormously.  Both still slightly timid but walking on a lead now.

Evelyn at Doglinks has brought Dino to my attention.  Dino is a Spanish Mastiff mix who has been in a refuge since the age of five months.  He is now NINE  YEARS  OLD !!!  Please, please, please, if there is a Mastiff lover out there, step forward.  Go to Doglinks WordPress and scroll down until you get to him.  A big boy with the temperament of a kitten.  All expenses will be paid to get him out and into the right home.

Right, I have to prepare now for a week of fun and frolics.  My mate Susie is coming over from UK tomorrow then I will fly back with her on Friday just for four days to celebrate her birthday.  That’s if I can bring myself to leave …………… KITCHEN !!  There will be a couple of updated photos somewhere in this newsletter, goodness knows where, I don’t seem to be able to control photo placements !! Ernst says don’t take any notice of the drawer fronts, they are temporary !



ps Oh, and to the person who sent me an email telling me to “rot in hell”, I probably will, see you there !

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