Tammy perduGali off to new homePhew, thank goodness for that, January is over.  Why does January feel so  l o n g and miserable ?  Possibly because of the absolutely horrid weather we are having, probably because of the bills coming in and for us here at Poorpaws because we had two very sad RIP’s.  One was our lovely little Tammy.  I found ginger Tammy wandering around in the middle of the main Montcuq/Cahors road a couple of years ago.  Nearly blind, nearly deaf, this little mite was surely lost.  However, after a poster campaign and all the usual searches, no-one came to claim her.  Had she been chucked out after a death or was it because that her favourite place was stuck to your legs even when you were walking around, very dangerous if she belonged to an elderly person ? It may even be that the foul example of a human being who  was responsible for the ten shotgun pellets in her thought that she had died.  Who knows, anyway she became my little darling and shadow.  She survived a major stomach operation thanks to the lovely Dr. Cros at Prayssac a year ago but a couple of weeks ago cancer got the better of her and she was sent peacefully to sleep.

Then I heard that Zac a beautiful Border Colley adopted from us some seven years ago was being beaten by leishmaniose.  This is such a cruel disease which dogs get from mosquitos.  If vaccinated before they get it they are safe but once they have it there is no hope and the end is heartbreaking.  Sleep happy Zac,  Christopher and Diane thank you for the happy memories.

So, lets get on to happier news.  Hmm, have to think !  Many adoptions, mostly of dogs who never made it to the website !  One very happy one was Barney a scruffy looking love who was rescued from a travellers’ camp.  When he got to us  he had a wire so tight round his neck that the vet had to operate to remove it.  But does Barney hold any grudges ?  Nope, he is just one lovely happy fellow.  Mr. and Mrs. White drove four hours to choose a dog.  In ten seconds they came, they saw and Barney conquered !!  I am not kidding you, a very long drive, they walked in, spied Barney and said that’s the one !  We offered to show others but no, their minds were made up and you can see Barney on the Happy Endings page.  Then there was Tilly a lovely little lady, not unlike my Tammy.  Tilly came with a broken tail but that didn’t put Mr. and Mrs Oaks off, Tilly was snapped up (oops, ouch, perhaps not the best word !) let’s say that she was given the thumbs up immediately and went off happily with Ossi.  We won’t mention that Ossi obviously would have preferred one of the little boys !!  Mustn’t forget Izzie, another one who had a long journey home but worth every kilometre !  You can see Izzie on the Happy Endings page too.

Another little pup has gone down to  the Cote d’Azur.  Ernst and I went down for a party to celebrate the 25 years of the Ship and Castle pub in Monte Carlo where I used to work and where I met Ernst. (Hmmm. !)  So little Hektor came too and his new owners are over the moon with him.

I have been asked to put on the website some very needy dogs who are coming over from India.  That is one country I would never want to visit, I just wouldn’t be able to cope with the poor animals there but I am more than happy to try to help from afar.  So, being unable to put the dogs ‘en bloc’ on our website, can I direct you to Doglinks website where you can see them and hopefully help.

I’m typing this quite early (for me) in order to get our news out there, but it  is very possible that I have forgotten something I wanted to tell you, so when you have a minute, pop back to see if I have added something !!

Also, if anyone sees the sun, tell him we are missing him !


Sue x

PS Added later.  Something wonderful happened after I had written the above, Gali went off to a new home which I know is gong to be great !  He deserves if after all he has been through.  You are on your way to happiness Gali AND to three new girlfriends !!  There is a photo of Gali ready to leave up at the top.  Sorry, I’m totally incapable of getting it in the right place !!

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