HAPPY NEW 2014 !!

Igloo's off !!
Igloo’s off !!


Feeling slightly jaded as I write this, don’t know if it is an ‘age thing’ but I don’t seem to be able to cope with lots of socialising and all that goes with it, as well as I used to.  I love it that’s for sure but it seems to take longer to recover !!

Sadly we didn’t make it into the house for Christmas but we were able to host a Christmas Day drinks apero in there after I had Christmas decorated the kitchen and got the tree etc., up.  Sod’s law, Ernst went down with a ghastly cold just inches from the finishing line and wasn’t able to work for a while.  Strange, I had the same cold the week before but was able to carry on so long as I had plenty of early nights.  Hmm, man-flu obviously.  However, the great, really great, brilliant thing that has happened as a result of the man-flu ……..Ernst hasn’t smoked for over two weeks !!  This is someone who smoked at least a packet of cigarellos a day.  He had such coughing fits that I was sure I would have to take him to A and E so bad was the choking and I think that may have frightened him – it sure did me !!  Anyway, I’m not saying he has given up, don’t want to tempt fate, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed. 

He surpassed himself with my Christmas present.  Having told me on Christmas Eve that he hadn’t bought me a present ( I quite understand, he hadn’t had much time …………. only 364 xxxxx days since last Christmas !) he obviously dashed into Cahors and on Christmas Day I found a parfumerie bag with a Chanel packet in.  As my friend Lesley is a Chanel 5 girl, I assumed someone had left it for her.  But no, Ernst said it was for me.  I expressed surprise as I have never worn Chanel but Ernst insisted I had, then admitted that the salesgirl had told him.  It turns out he had gone to the shop and asked what was the last thing I had bought.  Yes, Chanel 5 body lotion….. BUT  FOR  LESLEY’S  BIRTHDAY !!!!  He now has on a little piece of paper in his wallet the names of my two favourite scents !

There was plenty of good dog news. Ixe the malamut/German Shepherd went off to a new home and the latest news is that although he requires a lot of education, things are going well.  Now called Iffi and this because before he went off to his new family there were  apparently lots of “If he” conversations !

Then there was the story of Harry and Sally, two very elderly Westies who were not living in very good conditions.  Suffice to say that they are now living in a cosy loving home and have even had a trip to the hairdresser.

Igloo goes off this week, his new owners are driving down from Normandy !!

Then I had my own personal “phew” moment.  A couple of weeks ago, to help Danielle out, we took in a desperately sad Pointer who had been ‘removed’ from her bastard owner who used her as a punch/kick ball.  She was so timid and frightened poor thing.  She came out on walks with us, on a lead, then as she gained confidence and realised a hand coming towards her meant a stroke and love rather than a clout, I let her off the lead.  She was so happy it brought tears to my eyes.  She would run around with Tega but always kept me in her sights.  On Boxing Day I let her off and she ran like a rocket off into the distance.  I didn’t worry as she was with another dog and they always come back at some time.  However that evening she hadn’t returned and nor had she the next morning although all the others had returned long ago.  By now I was beside myself.  I rang all the local hunt Présidents and all promised to keep an eye out. (nb. Although I hate hunting, I keep in with the hunters as they have helped me find dogs on several occasions.)  That afternoon one of the hunters called to say he had seen her in the next village the night before and had just seen her in between St. Pantaleon and Sauzet, but had not been able to catch her.  We shot up and drove around for an hour up and down all the lanes but to no avail.  The hunter was even there looking too and pointed out exactly where he had seen her.  We went home disappointed, then got another call from the hunter all excited, he had just seen her again at Cambayrac.  This was worrying as she was getting further away from us.  So, off we dashed again with torches and whistles – and sore throats from calling !  No success, so we returned again.  BUT, on the way home I left my jacket together with food and water, at one of the places she had been seen. (A tip from a hunter long ago.)  At about 10pm I returned and there she was on my jacket !!!!  Spooked by the car headlights she ran off but I walked around with the torch calling gently to her and I soon saw two little frightened eyes looking up at me through a bush.  She was curled up, tail right through her legs up to her nose, trembling, clearly waiting to be beaten.  I held her and cuddled her and managed to get her into the car.  She’s back to happy and confident now and will make someone a lovely, lovely companion.  Look out for her on the website.

Finally I have to thank all of you who sent the dogs such generous donations for Christmas.  I can hardly believe how so many of you remember us at such a busy time.  I would love to name you all but would be so scared of missing someone, but I will mention Oscar who was adopted from us many years ago and always sends us some of his pocket money.  Thanks to all of you I am going to buy some ‘squashy’ beds for our little oldies in the sales and some of the inmates will get a much need ‘shampoo and set’.  Thank, you, thank you, thank you !

Have a wonderful New Year, love your dogs and if you have room for another, well, you know where to come !!

Lots and lots of love and thanks to you,

Sue – and The Poorpaws Gang who are mostly unhomeable due to age or bad temper ( a bit like me !) Scoopy, Piglet, Kiki, Tammy, Tiny the Terrible Poodle (who gave me a nasty bite just before Christmas when I was bathing him !), Doucka, Rik, Ermine (the Pointer), Tega, Robbie, Ziggy, Lizzie, Lulu, Charly, Fargo and Caline. Plus the cats !



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