31st May 2013

Rainbow (2)

Our lovely neighbours Paul and Wynn took this fantastic photo of our place under the rainbow.  We just love it and I thought I’d change my name to Dorothy !  One very close ‘friend’ thought perhaps Wicked Witch of the West !!!  This absolutely ghastly weather has produced some beautiful skies and rainbows but I think we are all agreed that a bit of sunshine wouldn’t go amiss.  I don’t even want to think about the fact that the days start getting shorter in about three weeks time !!!

As expected, it was tears before bedtime when we left Holly at her new home.  We spent a lovely evening with the Motillon family who threw a barbecue in Holly’s honour.  Houston and Hector two previous Poorpaws were rather overwhelmed at first when the whirlwind that is Holly swept in and was immediately crouching before them saying “come on let’s play NOW” and very soon the three of them were charging around having the best of time.  Every now and then Holly would come over to me, place her head on my knees to tell me what a fab time she was having and why was I crying ?!  She was taken into the house whilst we left and I cried all the way home.  We were invited back before the end of our holiday but I thought it best to let her get on with her new lovely owner Pierrick rather than confuse her – and upset me again !!  But it is better for her to be there having fun with young folk and young dogs.  She has charmed her way into everyone’s heart – even the mother-in-law who doesn’t like dogs lets her into her room for a cuddle.   An older dog who lives there (this is an extended family !) and who doesn’t take to other dogs, is completely under her spell and Hector and Houston who refused to bark when strangers arrived were astonished when Holly took command and, refusing to be outdone by a girl, are now doing a fantastic warning system job alongside her.  So be happy my baby and I’ll see you hopefully in September.

Holly ne home and Danielle's dogs 001

Of course other things have happened this month !!  The little Yorkie (dog, not bar !) was very quickly homed and hasn’t stopped dancing yet, Lola too and Hayley and Xena will very shortly be off to greener grass.

I would just like to mention that there are several dogs on the website who have been there for ages and who are still looking for homes.  these are Java, Lovely Chap and Sugar, all three still at the refuge les Oublies de Saint Beart at Castelsarrasin.  So please spare a thought for them, they have been waiting sooooooooooo long.  In fact this weekend 1/2/June there is a two day Open House at the refuge so why no go along to see if you can’t offer a home to a new pal ?  To find the refuge look for the signs to the Dechetterie and the refuge is next door.

Sometimes when people call enquiring about a dog, they almost with embarrassment, say that they already have a dog “from the opposition”.  This means they have adopted from Pheonix, or Hope or Carcassonne or any one of the, thankfully, many refuges there are around now.  I would just like to say that there is no competition between refuges, any dog homed is a success for all of us whoever signs the paperwork.  Proof of this could have been seen at at the Dolce Vita restaurant in Villeréal on the 28th May when Sheelagh of Pheonix and I had a wonderful lunch, a great laugh and a few tears (Sheelagh, like me is a huge cry-baby).  It was so lovely to see her again after a couple of years when we never seemed to be able to co-ordinate dates.  I took my little 93 year old friend too and she can’t wait for next time !

I started back at work last Sunday and the new owners of the Auberge seem very nice to work with – and the food is better too !!  I start properly on the 15th June to the 15th Septmber, by which time I’ll be ready for another week away !!

Lets hope that in the next newsletter I’ll be complaining about the hot weather !!!

Sue x

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