MAY 2nd 2013


Oops, a bit late this month, this week has been hectic.  Or perhaps I was putting it off because there isn’t too much good news.

Max, who I told you about last month, sadly only had a very short stay at Twilight.  But at least he ended his days surrounded by the love and warmth that only Leeanne and Mike know how to give.  I was criticised for taking Max away from the refuge where he had been for twelve years, some said he should have been left in an environment he knew.  Well I’m sorry, I’m the first to say that dogs shouldn’t be treated like humans and should stay in their ‘doggy place’ but I believe that Max deserved to feel grass under his feet and a warm cosy bed indoors.  Also, my friend Didi says that dogs have no notion of time, so hopefully Max will have left thinking he had always been in the paradise for dogs that is Twilight.

Then there is the story of poor Raspberry and Widdle.  Very many people helped in finding these two a foster home (Didi again was involved) down south.  Their poor distraught owner had to be scraped off the floor when she left them.  Sadly it has been found that little Widdle seems to have something seriously wrong with him, perhaps even a broken neck.  His owner had suspected something for a long time but TWO vets had told her there wasn’t a problem.  He will see a specialist vet and a decision will be made.  We cannot leave him to live in pain at such a young age – well, at any age of course.  Raspberry is still looking for a home.

I would here like to mention a great organisation called chienicietailleurs.  These are the people who came to our aid for Raspberry and Widdle.  They do a great job rescuing dogs from all over, including the Ile de Reunion such terrible things are done to stray dogs that I can’t even bear to type it.  Do look at their website to see the lovely dogs they have seeking homes.

I fear I may be the one being scraped off the floor when I take Holly down to the lovely Motillon family, who already adopted Houston and Hector.  This is one beautiful dog who has stolen my heart.  I would only part with her to a spcial family and, luckily, the Motillons tick all the boxes.  Mind you, Holly is missing out on a holiday in the Pyrenees !  Our friends and neighbours who were going to look after her whilst we are on holiday were going to take her and their dog, Oscar, ( also a Poorpaws) to the mountains for a couple of days.  Sorry babe !

So yes, Ernst and I are off down to Cap d’Ail for a week and I can’t wait, maybe there will be that strange thing there called “sunshine”.  We normally go in October after I have finished work for the season, but as I’m not working yet, and our friends couldn’t make October this year,  we decided to go earlier.  Instead, I’m starting work when I get back !!  The new owners of the Auberge where I worked for eight years, have asked me to go back for June, July and August.  Only part time, but it’s something .

So that’s about it for now, if I think of anything else I’ll add it on.  Oh yes, knew there was something.  Please be careful when buying squeaky toys for your dogs.  To dogs it is something in distress and risks betraying the whereabouts of ‘the pack’ and should be destroyed.  I had the experience once when walking our dogs, our little Bichon, Piglet, hurt her paw and squealed in pain.  Immediately the other dogs who knew and loved her, turned on her and I only just avoided a ghastly situation.  If you have young children they may have squeaky toys so I don’t need to point out the obvious dangers.  Please remove the ‘squeaks’ !!

Slapper Gania’s pups are on the adoption page and we think we’re pointing the parental father finger at Marius the Beagle !!

Back in June when I’ll be back at work, so the sun is bound to shine !!





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