April 1st 2013

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It didn’t just rain. It poured. It tipped it down. It chucked buckets. Plus, for good measure there were periodic gusty wind attacks. But, were we downhearted ? No ! Nor were you. You pulled on wellies, dived into mackintoshes and rammed everything from rainhats to plastic bags on your heads and made our Easter Barn Book Sale the Very Best Ever !!!!! We are still very tiny compared to the Pheonix and Hope booksales so I will leave adjectives like ‘Bonster’ and ‘Bumper’ to them, but by golly you did us proud. We raised 1,330 euros which will be split between cancer research and Poorpaws, plus various dog rescue organisations. Thank you, thank you and thank you again.
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We were really happy to see two Previous Poorpaws, the simply gorgeous Harper who is living up to all my expectations and who is the delight of his owners who don’t for one minute regret taking a boy instead of a girl. Then our ‘walnut chomper’ Polly who was in ‘no photos please’ mode ! Polly has lost seven kilos – and so has her proud owner. Well done both !!


Dog rescue can be very disheartening at times but every now and then there is a story which raises your hopes. Such is the story of Max. An eagle-eyed dog rescue supporter surfing rescue websites, noticed that Max had been in the refuge at Digne for TWELVE years. Yes, TWELVE. The word was immediately out, Max was in his dotage, deaf, practically blind and several people were determined that he should not end his days in the refuge. The angels, otherwise known as Leeanne and Mike, at Twilight said that they would take him just as soon as a place became available and could someone else take him meantime. My beloved Houston and Hector were off to a forever home which meant I had a park free and meant that Max would transfer from a town refuge to a smaller one where he would have the company of other dogs and the freedom of a garden, so the transfer of lifestyle would not been too traumatic. But, how to get him from Dignes ? Ernst and I were on our way to the Cote d’Azur for a family event and taking Hector and Houston to their new home. Great Poorpaws supporters Didi and Jean François who live down there, offered to make the trop to Dignes and pick up Max so we could take him back. With great foresight they picked him up a few days earlier which was lucky as the road was closed after a landslide the day they were due to go. (See ? Max really was meant to get out of there !). We brought Max home with us but it was obvious that he was very doddery and that he would stress in a park hearing other unfamiliar dogs barking and not being able to see them. So, our old German Shepherd, Rik, was ousted from his bedroom in our mobile home and we made Max a home there. The first evening he got lost in our large garden and I was running around with a torch only to find him stuck behind the wood pile. Max doesn’t ‘do’ reverse !! He regularly got stuck underneath chairs and half way in and out of the dog flap, just standing patiently, waiting to be released.

VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310WLuckily for Max, but sadly for Twilight who mourn every death, a space became available and I took Max to Montayral to meet up with Paul who was going up to Twilight. I was sad to see him go (Rik was delighted !) but just know that Twilight is the best place for him. Leeanne sends regular updates and he has settled in well, as you can see. Max will end his days knowing great love, warmth and comfort. Bless you Twilight.

So what has been happening here ? Well, I finally receive dole money (yeah !) but find that getting another job is proving much more difficult than I imagined. Possibly because I am older now !! Still, I seem to be busy all the time and look forward to the time when I don’t need to look for a job !!

On the dog front there is good, bad and unexpected news !! We’ve had a couple of ‘returns’ where dogs who behaved jolly well with Danielle have been such rascals in their new homes that they have come back. My beloved Houston and Hector are having a great life on the Cote d’Azur as is Hinza who is living in Monte Carlo – get her !! The unexpected ? Well, remember three legged Gania ? The little slapper presented her new owners with six puppies last week. We were mortified and are still trying to work out who the daddy is. Gus, the Jack Russell ? Marius the Beagle ? Time will tell. Never mind, in two months time there will be six beautiful pups looking for homes !

I need to remind you that dogs are not allowed to roam off lead in woods and forests from 15th April to 30th June.  This is because the wildlife will be having their young and therefore will be vulnerable.  If you think that is all twaddle, imagine being eight months pregnant and having to run for your life from a predator .  Hmm, not so silly after all is it ?!!!   Please, please go along with this and keep your dogs on leads.  We love living in the country and are lucky to do so, therefore we should abide by the rules.

Have a great April – you never know, the sun might shine !!


Sue x



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