MARCH 28th 2013

Note added 28.03.

I shouldn’t be such a smartxxse.

One Poorpaws supporter pointed out to me this morning that the March newsletter had disappeared !!!

Help ! Straight on the ‘phone to Colin who found it for me. I had inadvertantly trashed it !!

If the cap fits etc., etc; !!

MARCH 4th 2013

Well, hey look at me !! This is the first time I have updated the website all on my own ! Obvious if you look at the adoptions page – what do I mean IF you look at it ?! – of course you will. Not too clever at changing the photo sizes, the pups appear almost lifesize. Methinks I need another lesson Colin !!

Snow has gone, hopefully and we have been treated to some gorgeous sunshine. This will come to an end, for me, on the 6th as I am going down to the Cote d’Azur and the forecast down there is rain. We are going just for a couple of days for a family/friends occasion to spread the ashes of Ernst’s sister and I’m ashamed to say I’m looking forward to it. I fly down on Wednesday and Ernst left this morning in the car with four, yes FOUR dogs who are all going to new homes down there, one (Hinza, renamed Zucca) even going to live in Monte Carlo !! It’s funny sometimes how coincidences happen. We had a request from a couple who live in Monaco who give their present dog very long daily walks and weekends in the country, then a request for Demo from Roquebrune which is just next door to Monaco and then, the icing on the cake, friends of friends just above Monaco fell in love with Hector and Houston so they were bundled in at the last minute. I had grown so, so fond of those two that I had a huge lump in my throat as they were driven off.

Four away and four new babes on the adoption page, something for everyone !

Easter coming up and so is our Spring Book Sale. Saturday 30th March at the usual place, Lesley’s Barn in Beliben. Come along to drop off all your Winter reading and pick up your Summer lit. All books and dvd’s at one euro each, plus the usual delicious home made cakes and, I am sure, hot cross buns. I’ll be sending out an information email, but in case you are not on the list, do not hesitate to call or email me for full details. If you cannot come, but have books/dvd’s to donate – in fact even if you are coming but have things to donate – let us know an, if you are not too far, we can collect.

I’m not going to gabble on too much this month in case I press the ‘print’ button only to find that
all has disappeared !

Still looking for a job but hope to have good news on that score soon and still not receiving any dole money. How long can it take for the French pension people to confirm that I’m not in receipt of a French pension yet ?! I was “advised” to attend an employment forum a few weeks ago, so I went along. However, they wouldn’t have me in the French Foreign Legion or the Army or Police, so I left !!

Enjoy the sunshine and don’t forget the book sale !

Sue x

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