November 2012

Well, phew what a finish to the month, Barn Book Sale, then party, party and party !!! My friend Lesley threw me a great party to celebrate my leaving the Auberge. The Auberge didn’t even mark the occasion after eight years, in fact I took in a bottle of champagne on my last day which I ended up drinking with my colleague, my bosses having “just a tiny bit to celebrate your last day of washing up” !!

I rang the employment office and had been told by everyone that after the initial ‘phone call, you get an appointment to go and see them for about ten days later. Huh, I got one for 8.30 the next day. Not wonderful considering I didn’t get to bed until 2.30 am the previous night following the party. I managed to get there on time only to be told I was at the wrong office ! When I finally went in to my interview it was with a chap who looked as if he had been partying the night before too !! He was great when he realised I was English as his daughter had come first in her English exam. He was very helpful and at the end of the interview he said we should look to see what jobs were available. There was one in the laundry room of the nearby old people’s home. My new friend looked at me quizzically and I tried to look enthusiastic. He then said “Nah, you’ve got a bad back” and struck it through !

So, I’m still looking but haven’t had much time as I went to the UK for a week to celebrate a friend’s 60th and boy did we celebrate ! Feeling a little bit jaded I am flinging myself into domesticity – when did have time to go to work !!

The Barn Book Sale was great in all aspects. We had many more books so expanded to the stable in Lesley’s lovely barn. Loads of people came along to bring and buy books and get stuck in to the gorgeous scones, cakes and soup. It was lovely to see Polly the walnut-muncher with her new owners and Polly was very excited to see her previous owner as well.

Other ex-Poorpaws came along too and looked very happy but wary to see me in case I took them back !! We took 1,044 euros which is terrific. I’m sorry to say that I still haven’t given out all the raffle prizes and can Les get in touch with me as you have won a box of biscuits – gently Les, don’t get too excited ! – and I seem to have written down the wrong telephone number ! Next book sale, Easter Saturday.

On the dog front – after all this is what this news page is supposed to be about ! – there has been good news and bad. As mentioned previously Polly the walnut dog has gone to a wonderful new home and has settled as if she had always been there – probably because there are many walnut trees there too. Oh dear !! Little Harper (see Happy Endings), was snapped up very quickly by a couple who came set on adopting a female ! Honey has gone ‘on trial’, so fingers crossed for her. The poor blind spaniel who has been called Sweety, has had several enquiries and we are hoping for good news there too.

On the bad side, Carcassonne is overflowing, we are getting very disturbing news about the SPA at Toulouse (unconfirmed) so please, please, please, if you don’t see anything you fancy on our list, take a look at theirs.

Well that’s about that, I’m waiting to take in a mum and her pups who were found in a ditch – if the mother can be caught.

Have a lovely November – Christmas is on its’ way !!

Oh, if you have English tv, make sure you watch the ghastly programme Little England on Monday ITV 9pm French time. Terrible programme but gets very good on Monday as the wonderful, fabulous, amazing Leeanne and Mike are on showing the wonderful work they do at Twilight – tissues at the ready !

Sue x

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