October 2012

Well here I am back from ‘me’ hols all refreshed and the first thing I have to do is send out a HUGE apology ! I was so excited on the morning we left that I completely forgot to change the answerphone message to say that I would be away. Result ? I came back to a full answerphone machine and more emails than I have ever had, from people desperately needing help and wondering why I had not got back to them. So to all of you who had me down as an uncaring impolite moo, I am so, so sorry !! I think I have replied to to everyone now (Ursula I haven’t forgotten you !) and am delighted to report that messages asking for advice on what to do with abandoned dogs, changed during the week to “we find we love the dog and have decided to keep him” !! Perhaps I won’t change the machine next time either !

Yes, thanks, the holiday was great ! As usual we met up with friends at Ernst’s sister’s house on the Cote d’Azur and spent a week playing cards, lazing in the sun, reading, swimming (well, I did swim twice !), of course eating and drinking, and lots of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ! A great big thank you to friends Virginie and June who made sure our little darlings were well and happy whilst we were away.

One thing I decided whilst we were there is that I would like a law to be passed banning mobile ‘phones and those little computer thingys from restaurants, shops and all public places. It was done for cigarettes so why not for ‘phones ? We lived without them for millions of years, so why can’t we leave them at home when we go out for the evening. Is it really absolutely necessary to know that a friend is just leaving work or that little Tommy has just gone to the potty on his own (I kid you not !) when I am choosing what I want to eat ? Ok call me a miserable so and so, and, no, I don’t have a mobile ‘phone and don’t intend to get one, but why can’t people go to a restaurant without the electrical umbilical cord ? Where I work we often get couples in who never talk to each other but spend the evening sending texts – to lovers perhaps ! France and Italy used to be known for their lovely family lunches where the elderly and the children were included and participated in the conversations. Now the kids are given electronic games to play with and who knows where the older generation are, probably eating a lonely meal at home or sitting round a gloomy table in an old peoples’ home. Well, sorry, I just think it’s sad.

If my friend Sue is reading this, she will quickly point out that her mobile ‘phone was very useful one day during our week. To get to my sister-in-law’s house we have to take an outdoor funicular lift down a steep slope. If the last person to use the lift forgets to close it, then the next person cannot call the lift to the top. Ernst forgot to close it and it took two telephone calls to get him to send the lift up. Without the ‘phone ? Ok I would have had to wait until Ernst realised what he had done, or slid down the cliff !

OK grumps over ! Doggies !! Well I’m delighted to say that practically all the dogs on the Adoption Page last month have been rehomed or solutions have been found to problems. I have to mention the Smith family who made a 1,700 – yes 1,700 !!!! – round trip to pick up, not a fabulous rare breed with a pedigree a mile long, but a little crossbreed Lab type pup who has proved to be worth every kilometre. Well done and thank you Smiths, you are obviously a great family !

This month we are having a Blackdogfest and doing our best to home some of the very many black dogs who it is very difficult to home – please give them a second, third, fourth and fifth look !

I’m off to the UK for the weekend of the 27th to celebrate my friend Annie’s 60th birthday and before then will be celebrating my departure from the Auberge so a fun month in prospect, hope you have one too.

AND !!!!!! don’t forget our Barn Book Sale, 20th October in the hamlet of Beliben next to Sauzet in the Lot. 10 am start, lots of great books and yummy cakes. See you there.


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