May 2012

Whoa, hey !  What happened there ??!  I was so looking forward to our few days on Ile de Ré when no sooner had we set off in the car, than it turned into a time machine, kranked forward four days and there we were coming home again !!  Oh but it was lovely.  We took everything the weather could chuck at us, torrential rain, gale force winds and periods of fabulous sunshine long enough to have nice a walk every day.  As I said last month, there is a distinct difference between being in a nice dry house in bad weather, and being in a leaky mobile home.  Sitting by the window in the little house with a good book on my lap (After you’d gone by Maggie O’Farrell) watching the rain lash down was extremely pleasant.  When I first came to France I lived by the sea for many years and didn’t think I would miss it when we moved to the country, but there is something about the salty smell of sea air.

Ok, back down to earth.  The Book Sale.  You were FABULOUS !!  You came in numbers and spent and spent.  We took over 1,000 euros which was amazing !  About 50% up on the last one.  It rained…………….. and rained, but perhaps that was good for us.  What could be better on a wet  Saturday than to spend a few hours combing through hundreds of books.  A special mention for John and Kate who thought it was on the Sunday and arrived to find books already packed up in boxes ready to be moved, had a browse and left money in an envelope with a note asking where everyone was !!  Also, will the person who won the curry meal please get in touch with me ?  I’m afraid one of the dogs has eaten your ‘phone number !
Right, dog news !

Georgie in her new home
Georgie in her new home

We are DEEEEEELIGHTED to say that Georgia has found a fabulous home – as witnessed by the photo here – and one week later, her sister Gabi was adopted too.  Along with them last month, went Andie, Simba, Porcelaine pup Hercule and………………..Cales, after all this time.  Wonderful !

A few new ones on the adoption page – don’t miss out on Greta !
Before closing, I’d just like to mention our friend Denise who lost her battle against cancer last week.  Before she left us Denise asked that all her books and DVD’s be given to Poorpaws for our next sale and that the collection money at her funeral come to us too.  Thank you Denise and I’ll look out for Elton John and Freddy Mercury who you told me, the day before you died, would both be at the funeral.

Because of Denise’s death, there is a little black female cat, Lucky ( or not so) who is in need of a home in a dog free environment.  She belonged to the people who owned Denise’s house before Denise moved there and was taken by them to her new house.  Two days later she was back and stayed with Denise.  She can stay at the house until it is sold and I will take care of her but if the buyers of the house don’t want her, we’ll have a problem and it would be nice to settle her before then.

Hope you all have a lovely May – it is sunny here today, the first day without rain for a month !!
Sue x
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