December 2010

Regular visitors to this website will notice little changes to the set up. This is because my friend Joke (pronounced Yoca) is off on her travels so friend Colin is taking over. Thank you soooooooo much Joke for all your hard work over the years and prepare yourself Colin for taking on a computer ignoramus !!

So there I was, dear reader, lying on the operating table just about to go under the anesthetic when the nurse whipped the oxygen mask off my face and asked if I had a Berenese Mountain dog !! Honestly, I promise you !

Yesterday morning whilst walking the dogs I slipped on some ice and crashed down on to my right wrist. Excrutiatingly painful I thought I was going to throw up or pass out whilst the dogs thought it was great game, me on the floor. Got home and blubbed to Ernst who thought I had said I’d broken my ribs ! there then followed a really weird conversation ! the wrist was swelling up but I had someone coming to choose a puppy at 11 so decided to wait until they had been, see how the swelling was and, if necessary, go to a and e. the people didn’t turn up until 1 (they got lost but took a puppy (phew !).

Ernst then took me to hospital and went of to find a parking space. I didn’t see him again until 9pm by which time I had been x-rayed, showered, asked the same questions time and time again, operated on and had metal pins put in the wrist. I thought they would just slap a plaster cast round it. So, I had a lovely night in a wonderful warm bedroom drugged up to the eyeballs ! Signed off work until I can use both hands, luckily I’m left handed.

Things I have learned !

1 Never ever go out wearing non-matching socks !
2 Ditto for boots that cats have peed on if you are likely to sleep in very warm room !
3 Always take off toe nail varnish that is chipped.
4 Never leave the house without a deoderant, toothbrush and toothpaste.
5 One book is not enough for 24 hours in hospital !!

Great adoptions last month ! Only one of Lizzie’s pups left – and I thought that one would be the first to go ! Ronnie has moved on to lovely home where he gets all the love and attention and doesn’t have to share. Funkie also struck lucky as have Darcey, FabergĂ© and Scruff. The ‘bestest’ news is that Diouk is out of Figeac and in foster care, more on him very soon.

Now move on to the adoptions page to choose your new pal. Oh, and by the way, Happy Christmas from all of us !

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