March 2012

March !  No, not an order, just a statement !  2012 is really getting into gear now so come on in the weather’s lovely !

Last month I left you on a bit of a cliffhanger.  Would I or would I not be a future wife after the 29th February ?  Well, dear reader, I have to tell you that the answer is a definite “no” !!!  There was a huge ‘domestic’ on the 29th and I realised that the very last thing I wanted to be was a wife again.  I suppose at least I’m not a future ex-wife either !!!

Now you all know I like to share tips and hints with you.  Well here’s one to remember.  Computer keyboards do not like cups of tea.  Honestly.  Whether it was because there was no milk or sugar I don’t know and am not likely to find out.  The keyboard went on immediate strike.  Luckily good friend Billy came to the rescue with a prosthetic keyboard and the lovely Keith took my laptop off to his workshop to give it a makeover.  So we are back on again and as Keith wouldn’t take any money, I have put some more in my ‘New Computer’ money box.

OK, dogs.  Again a good month with many dogs finding happiness.  The Montaigu dog’s owner came forward and although dog was very happy to be reunited with owner, owner never so much as gave a thank you to the lovely family who had been looking after him.  The Leonberger puppy, Fox Terrier, Fionna are either in new homes or have them to go to.   The one who really sent Kleenex shares soaring was Sam (Gold Medal Waggiest Tail: Category 3 Dogs with no tails) who, after much too long at Carcassonne refuge, went off no-tail a wagging with delight.

Lots more dogs on the adoption page.  Sunshine is here so you’ll all want to get out walking and you will look much less stupid if there is a dog on the end of the lead, so take a look and give us a call or send an email.  I’m putting Tiny the perishing poodle back on for one last try, but don’t hold out much hope !!

Oh, oh, oh, nearly forgot !  We’re holding another Barn Book Sale on the 7th April at  Lesley Judd’s barn in the hamlet of Beliben which is two minutes from Sauzet in the Lot on the Villeseque road.  So if you have books to get rid of, get in touch and PLEASE come along on the day from 10 am to 3 pm.  Gorgeous home made cakes, tea, coffee and hundreds of books to browse through and select for the Summer.  This time we’ll have books in English, French and Dutch.  Dvd’s always welcome but, sorry, no videos.

Have a great month !



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