Febuary 2012

Well thank goodness for that.  January is over for another year.  Don’t you just hate January ?  Well I suppose those of you with birthdays in that month quite like it, but for me it is just a no-money-after-Christmas, bill-laden, long stepping stone to February.  I often think that it would be much better to start the year with February, a nice little short month which would get us on our way and prepare us for January after that.  Of course this year there is the excitement of having the 29th February and I will propose to Ernst just for the hell of it.  Of course he will say no – thank goodness as he is German and I really don’t want to be a ‘Frau’ !!

Ok I’m getting out the soapbox now.  We are quite a close few doing what we can to make dogs’ lives not a ‘dog’s life’, if you see what I mean.  We work closely together, there is NO competition between associations.  We give up free time, a normal home life, put marriages at risk and I dread to think how much money comes out of our pockets to save dogs and make them happy.  Obviously, no-one forces us to do this, we choose to do it.   So, to those people who go on forums to criticise and sling mud without having all the facts,  I say “bog off”.  Personally, I think that those who have the time to spend all day ‘chatting’ on these forums, should get out more. (Except you dear Evelyn !!)

If you adopt a dog who is not right for you please do not refuse offers of help.  It is certainly true that refuge dogs can develop a slightly different personality when they are in a caring loving home.  Would you expect an adopted child who has lived for a long time in an orphanage to automatically know the rules of your household ?  For dogs it is the same (and they don’t have the ability to speak to make things easier), so, please give them time and, as I said before, accept advice and help.

Luckily it is very rare that Poorpaws gets ‘returns’ but the dogs here live as a family and I can assess their personalities  so know what sort of home they would be happy in.

Ok off the box now !

After saying we get few returned dogs, I have to report that poodle Tiny is back – the second home lasted less time than the first !!  He will now join the band of ‘lifers’ here.  He is a complex little lad who has a complete aversion to collars and harnesses so much so that he nipped me the other day when I put a collar on another dog !!
Talking about Tiny, I had a lovely day recently going up to north of Angouleme with Doreen and Andrea.  Doreen adopted a poodle from us quite a few years ago, the lovely Sean.  Sadly Sean developed a tumour last year and had to go for the big sleep.  I promised to find another poodle for Doreen and came up with Tiny who was a darling in the refuge.  However, when he was out in the big wide world his true colours came out.  Poor Doreen,  she tried so hard with him but after he bit his way through the vet, the girl at the poodle parlour and got bossy with her,  I took him back.  So we were then looking for another dog  and I came up with Mamouchka who was quite a way up North.  Doreen, daughter Andrea and I set out on, what for me, was a VERY  BIG  ADVENTURE !
We discovered we all love country music so it was Tammy Wynette and yee-hah all the way there and back.  Little Mamouchka fitted the bill very well.  Or so we thought.  A visit to the vet and Doreen emailed me to say that Moumou has a tumour and doesn’t produce tears. (She could have some of mine, I produce them by the gallon at the slightest thing – have you seen the film Hachi, oh good grief, a real giant box of tissues jobby).  Obviously this was all very upsetting but dear Doreen has not given up, Mamouchka will be operated on, has drops for her eyes and has Doreen as her guardian angel.

On a happier note……………….adoptions !  Wow, what a month !  Fleche, Tanguy, Primus, Lola and Caline all packed their bags and went off to join the circus.  Reports are that they are all sooooo happy, so we are too.

I – unforgivably – forgot last month to thank all the ex-Poorpaws who sent us Christmas cards with pocket money inside to buy biscuits for the less fortunate dogs.  Especially Oscar of Brassempouy who, even many years later, never forgets his pals.  What a handsome chap he has turned into – can’t believe his name was once ‘Petit’ !!!  You are all incredibly kind, even those who have lost dogs and don’t feel ready for another one ………………. yet, got in touch.  I’m working on you !!

And to the lovely person who suggested I write a comedy series, thank you – don’t think I’ll give up the day job yet though !!

Much love to you all and who knows, if things go wrong I could be Frau Biefang this time next month !!!

Sue x
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