Sirius here is a beautiful (stating the obvious) pedigree Berger Blanc Suisse, three years old. We are looking for someone who has experience of the breed and the time and energy to give . Sirius is hyper sensitive and very active needing to use up energy both physical and mental. He has a good basic education, “sit”, “down”,”wait” however walking on the lead needs a bit of ‘attention’ ! He has no problems with the dogs and cats whose home he shares at the moment but would definitely benefit from being the only dog of the household, needing time to interact with other dogs. Having had problems with some other dogs, he is wary and scared when meeting new friends and this can manifest in him being initially grumpy. Sirius is looking for a new home because his owners situation has changed and they no longer have the necessary free time to devote to him. For more information and photos, please get in touch with me. Currently in Montpellier, his owners are prepared to travel to find him the right home.