First of all, the EXCELLENT, FABULOUS news that Pirate, who has been waiting over a year, has gone to a new home. I don’t know the details yet as I am away, but this has (partially) restored my faith in humanity !! Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant !

As I said, I am away on the Ile de RĂ© at the moment for our annual R and R, so I am not up to date with what is going on in our dog world but I do know that Danielle has taken in a lot of dogs since I left, so please go to her La Mere aux Betes facebook page to get up to date information.

We arrived here on the 23rd September and have treated ourselves to two weeks instead of the usual one. Good thing too because on day two we went, as usual, to rent bikes for the holiday and set off on our usual first day ride to Loix which is about twenty minutes from where we stay in La Couarde. Ten minutes down the road Ernst, who in the thirteen years we have been coming here, has never fallen off his bike (unlike yours truly), took a nasty tumble and was lying in the middle of the road (you don’t bounce too well at 78) whilst I risked life and limb stopping the traffic. (Mind you he was soooo Mr. Grumpy for a few days I told him that next time I’d let the traffic do its worst !) After a night of extreme pain in his left hand, we went to the pharmacie in the morning to get pain killers. The pharmicien took one look and sent us to a doctor, who took one look and sent us to a radiologist with dire warnings of a possible operation. Eek, please no !! Luckily, ‘just’ a hairline fracture and we returned home with Ernst sporting a velcro sort of splint. We returned his bike as it was clear he wouldn’t be pedalling for a few days. In fact he hasn’t got back on a bike and we go home in a couple of days. So I have been riding solo, which in actual fact is not so different from when we are out together as he is always way ahead of me !

This morning I cycled to one of the villages on the island and Ernst drove to meet me there for a coffee. After we had drunk our coffee I started walking back to the car with him, when he said “haven’t you forgotten something ?” “What ……… oh crikey, my bike !!”

Mum always said sea air is good for you, see how we have grown !

So, not much to report this month, don’t forget the next Book Bonanza on 4th November, some great stuff, reccomendation boxes from trusted regulars and …. Christmas cards (sorry !)

I just wanted to share with you a couple more photos, one of our Josie, always ready with a smile when the camera comes out. Josie was born with badly handicapped legs and it was not sure that she would not have to be pts, but the lovely Dr. Cross (who, I may have mentioned, I should have spent my life with …) said that operations would be too painful for a puppy, but to just wait and see how she copes. She copes very well thank you and has done for 10 years, disappearing for hours some days when out on a walk. She staggers home exhausted, but the smile is always there.

…….. and, finally

Mum will be home soon babes !

Sue x

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