3RD APRIL 2023

I am delighted to say that I have only good news today !

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who came along to our Bonanza Book Sale. It was a lovely day and I was really happy to see so many people delving into boxes of books and leaving arms and bags full. It was nice to receive many compliments about the condition of the books and thanks for deciding to carry on with the sales. I have to make one small apology for our new cashiers ! I didn’t have much time to train them up and didn’t realise that their arithmatic was slightly suspect. I overheard a few times “9 books Sir/Madam, ok 9 times 1 euro, I think that makes 10 doesn’t it ?” or “13 books ? Nasty number 14 might be better” ! Dear Patna, Anna and Gaynor, always there to help !! Anyway I think everyone took it in good part and had a good time. We raised 1,762 which when post sale donations were added, went up to 2,029 ! Our vets and food suppliers were thrilled (and relieved), and hopefully, notwithstanding any major crises Poorpaws hopes to stagger through to the next sale on the 4TH NOVEMBER ! This is a bit later in the year than usual due to our valiant and gallant ‘mate with a van’ taking off to do cross country motorbike trials around Europe in September and October. So, please save all your Summer reads to pass on to me.

Tao in his new home.

Timour (now Django) in his new home.

Very good news on the puppy front. Whilst Danielle has been away I have been successful in homing four of the puppies and one dog left with me. Only left are Teddy and Talco. I was amazed, thinking Talco would go first, but no, he is still here. A lovely bundle of fun and I think he will be possibly on the large Labrador size. Teddy is my delight and I am desperate to see him go to a loving home. He is absolutely beautiful and very bright, catches on quick. Both Teddy and Talco are now larger than in the photos on the Adoptions page, obviously.

More good news, (this page just keeps on giving this time !), after a year of waiting, our tilers finally came and laid new floors for us. When we built the house we couldn’t afford anything much decent to put on the floors and this showed after years and years of puppy pee and spilt liquids. Now we have beautiful ceramic tiles which, if you didn’t know better, you would think were wood. The guys were worth waiting for, they just got on with it, didn’t stop for lunch and had infinite patience with dogs and pups getting in the way. In fact one of them adopted a puppy who is now riding shotgun as proud as Punch in the guy’s van !!

Now I just have to persuade Ernst that shutters would be a good addition ……..

Have a lovely Easter weekend and eat as much chocolate as you can! It is a well known fact that eating chocolate during a religious festival is strictly non fattening !!


Sue x

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